Government Street Presbyterian Church

June 10, 2014


Government Street Presbyterian Church in Mobile, Alabama completed construction of this Greek revival building in 1839 at a cost of $60,000. The original steeple contained the city’s first fire bell.

The church’s web site is so wonderful, that I will just quote it from here on . . .

Mobile Alabama

 “The ceiling is deeply coffered in a diamond pattern. The original high-backed walnut pews are still in use. They were constructed with square nails and wooden pegs. In the early days the pews were privately rented and equipped with doors and individual locks. The doors were removed in 1893.”


Pipe Organ

“An Estey organ of 30 ranks, that traveled down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers from the New York area, was installed in 1908. It was dedicated to the memory of John S. Holmes, organist, 1868-1908. Its original cost was around $1,000. In 2002, that organ was removed and a brand new organ of 58 ranks, built by the Rieger-Kloss Organ Company of the Czech Republic, was installed.” 


Government Street Presbyterian Church “Anna Branch Binford expressed the feeling of many members when she wrote:  We who use this Church today can never think of it as just four walls, as windows, aisles and pews, because for us, ever round it clings the memory of the hearts and hands and prayers that built it here for God.”

To read more about this beautiful church, go to their web site here: Government Street Presbyterian Church.

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