Giving Thanks

November 25, 2015


give thanks

Giving thanks this year is difficult when there’s a travel warning issued for all Americans and danger everywhere we look.  It’s such a strange and frightening time in our world, especially when you have children who are old enough to watch the news. On the other hand, no matter how bad the news is, there’s always something for which we can give thanks.


A very sweet reader of this blog, Carol, recommended a book by Kathryn Tucker Windham called, “She.” In it, KTW quotes Jan Struther’s poem, “Eulogy.”


She was twice blessed: 

She was happy; she knew it.



How perfect are those words! How many people walk this world blessed beyond belief and don’t even realize how good they have it? To know you are blessed is indeed a blessing.


It’s not so hard to thank God for the big things like food, shelter and clothing, but to remember to be thankful for a familiar voice, lightening bugs and big giant oak trees opens our eyes to even more amazing gifts. Learning to observe and appreciate small gifts makes the entire world seem like a daily celebration.


Every day, every moment, there is something for which we can give thanks.

Jellied Turkey SaladOne blessing for sure, is that I’m not going to have to eat this on Thanksgiving! I found this recipe for Jellied Turkey Salad in an old Jell-O cookbook at Fairhope Antiquery. What were people back then thinking?




Prayers of thanks for all my dear readers on this Thanksgiving holiday, no matter where you may be.  Safe travels, good eating, and I’ll be back next week to tell you about what is sure to be a very interesting Thanksgiving!



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  1. Very nice sentiment and exactly what I needed to wake up to this morning. We are all blessed to live in this wonderful country and boldly stating so, especially this time of year, makes us “twice blessed!”

  2. Ok, you’ve got me curious now. Would that recipe really be as bad as it sounds or would it have a twist that would make it delicious. I’m not going to try it, but if YOU do, let us know. Have a good thanks giving and blessings to all my Fairhope friends. Hope to see you all soon.

    1. I don’t know if the flavor would bother me more or the texture. Chunky, meaty jell-o . . . Mmmmm!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. I read the article ” we don’t push in Fairhope” in the Press Register with a lot of interest. I am on (98 Committee) which has formed in Rock Creek. We are fighting the changes in Fly Creek PUD behind Publix from single family to apartments, a 47% increase in density. Also, a group of developers are pushing to build apartments across Hwy 98 from Rock Creek. If this all comes to fruition, there will be around 1000 apartments being built in 1/2 mile from each other.
    Fairhope will be as bad as Daphne and we will never be able to go to the bluff, or a Christmas parade or New Years Eve downtown and it breaks my heart.
    Please let everyone know that we need to show up in droves on Monday night December 7 at 5:00 pm in Council Chambers at the civic center and say no to all these apartments. Fairhope is a single family residence town and it needs to stay that way. Thanks for any help you can give us to pack the chambers.
    Jimmie Weems

  4. When I saw that recipe, before your comment about it, it reminded me of a jello recipe in the Raised in Cotton cookbook. It calls for lemon jello and…. ready for this?…… a can of tuna!! It is called Mystery Salad. I have always wondered if it is as disgusting as it sounds or if I’m actually missing out on something good 🙂

    I love your blog Leslie Anne, you are one classy lady!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Tuna and lemon jell-o!!!???!!! I just don’t get it. What was going on in the world where chunky-smooth-sweet-savory-salty was in such demand? I think it must have been too much Aqua-Net in the air!

  5. Yes Leslie Ann, So much to be thankful. You are on my “thankful” list for making me smile so often with your funny post. Soooo, thank you………………

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