Gigi’s Little Cottage

June 3, 2014



Gigi Hackford, Fairhope Alabama

This is local artist and gallery owner, Georgie Hackford. Known as “Gigi,” she is a giant powerhouse in our local art scene, but her real house? More of a tiny blip in the world of cottages. But in true Gigi style, even when it’s a tiny cottage, she does it right. Click here to read my previous story about Gigi’s business, the Fairhope Artist’s Gallery.


GigiHackford's Home Fairhope cottage, Fairhope AlabamaGigi moved into this house a little over three years ago after spending years searching for the right house in Fairhope. The cottage was being renovated by her friends Pam and James MacMahon, who own the “Happy House in Daphne,” and when Gigi saw this home for the first time, it was love at first sight.


Fairhope cottage - Gigi Hackford's HomeThe tiled ceiling panels were removed from most rooms to create a more spacious open ceiling and a fresh coat of airy white paint was applied. The kitchen is a mix of open shelving and original cabinetry which showcases Gigi’s collection of blue and white china and artwork by her Mother.


Fairhope home, Fairhope cottage, Fairhope AlabamaAn old group of cookbooks line the top of an antique roll top desk, which also serves as her home office.


Fairhope Alabama CottageAlthough this charmer of a little cottage is typically quaint in many ways, Gigi’s flair for art and love of family pieces gives a unique and artistic feel to this one bedroom and one bath home. Each nook and cranny has a beautifully arranged vignette.


corona typewriter , Fairhope alabamaThe old Corona typewriter served as the cover art for Gigi’s painting as well as the centerpiece of her book, “Trains of thought.”


Fairhope Alabama, Trains of thought, Gigi Hackford


pastel set, Fairhope AlabamaGigi’s Mother was a huge inspiration in her life and was also a gifted artist. Here is her French pastel box that Gigi keeps in her office.


small cottage style, Fairhope Alabama cottageGigi’s love of fine rugs is evident, with the collection being used to warm the floors of every single room. The colorful rugs are the perfect anchor for the light colored walls.


blue and white cottage kitchen accessories, Fairhope AlabamaThe cottage is almost complete, although Gigi has one more ceiling area to improve, and she plans on adding a carport to the side of the cottage this summer.


fairhope houses, Gigi Hackford, Fairhope Alabama cottageThe cottage could be configured as a three bedroom home, (although you’d have to be pretty thin to sleep in that third room!) But Gigi decided to use one room as an office and another as a luxurious dressing room, so the cottage is now arranged as a one bedroom, one bath home. But the style in which everything is arranged, gives the impression of being very open, airy and spacious.


GigiHackford's Home, Fairhope Alabama
Old family photo

Gigi’s family lived on a boat for many years, which gave Gigi a love for “living small.” If you look at the photo above, (with Gigi sitting in her Father’s lap) the sporty pair of Aviator sunglasses on the table hold great significance to the family. It was Gigi’s Father who invented and held the patent on these iconic shades.  The design gene from her Dad, and the art gene from her Mother definitely are being used in Gigi’s own life today.

There’s more to see of the darling cottage, so stay tuned later this week to see Part 2 of this story!


Click here to read part 2.


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