Gigi’s Little Cottage – Part Two

June 6, 2014


GigiHackford's Home-27Georgie Hackford, or “Gigi” has an eye for style. Her bold paintings are balanced by a home full of peaceful neutrals with lace panels covering windows and closet doors. This is her dressing table, arranged with favorite items she’s collected over the years.

GigiHackford's Home-24Intended to be a small bedroom, Gigi has configured this room to be a luxurious dressing room. Filled with paintings she has completed over the years, it is a sunny and happy place to start and end the day.

GigiHackford's Home-25The dressing room leads to the only bathroom in the house which has been remodeled to hold a child-size, claw-foot tub. I had never even seen a tub this size, but it is perfect for the small space.

GigiHackford's Home-19Organization is the key to living in small cottages. Gigi keeps everything neat and tidy so she never feels crowded. When she was a child, Gigi said she loved to spend all day playing in her two story playhouse. Since moving into this cottage three years ago, Gigi has had happy memories of those days.

GigiHackford's Home-19.1Most days, Gigi paints at her downtown Fairhope Artist’s Gallery, but this collection of brushes stand ready if the mood should strike at home.

GigiHackford's Home-39On the back of the bedroom door hangs the inspiration for Gigi’s beautiful and wildly popular series of flags.

GigiHackford's Home-11Gigi played the harp until college, then when living in a sixth floor walk-up apartment in New York, she decided to sell the harp and use the money to buy her first house. That house then turned into a second, and a third, until she finally reached her perfect cottage in Fairhope. And who was her realtor? Our good friend, Sandra HARPer!

These miniature harps now hold a special place in the corner of the sitting room.

GigiHackford's Home-16

An original phone nook now conveniently holds books.

GigiHackford's Home-12This is the sitting room off the bedroom. Gigi has added a built-in ledge beneath the window for clever storage, which is a difficult thing to find in a small cottage. On top of the desk are small paintings and treasures from years of work and collecting.

GigiHackford's Home-9By widening doorways, raising ceilings and painting the walls a warm white, Gigi has given big style to a tiny cottage.

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