Left Brain – Right Brain

August 16, 2012


Georgie “Gigi” Hackford must have a splitting headache!  She’s one of the few artists I know who are immensely creative and yet are able to be practical enough to operate a thriving business. That isn’t an insult to artists, they will be the first to tell you that the bulging right brain of creativity makes them HATE the paperwork that goes with functionality. But Gigi has somehow developed both sides equally.  

Born into a family with the perfect storm of creativity and practicality, Gigi’s parents taught by example. Her Father designed the original Aviator style sunglasses and ran two manufacturing plants, while her Mother was a fine artist. They all lived a creative and atypical life aboard a boat until she was 14. From there, Gigi lived in Santa Barbara, Manhattan, and many fabulous points all around the world. (Her Peace Corp experience is another story for another time).

In 2004, Gigi’s son told her about Fairhope and promised she would love it.  He was correct. What a good son!

Street View of The Artists Gallery

Well, hooray for all of us, because Gigi eventually opened what has become a special destination; The Fairhope Artists Gallery in Downtown Fairhope is a busy place, featuring 40 local artists of all mediums. This ever-changing gallery, located on Section Street has been a huge success with locals and out of town visitors alike.  Running the day to day business and managing all those creative people would be enough to swamp any sane logical business executive, but somehow, Gigi also manages to paint.

And I mean Gigi paints . . . every day . . . all the time.

She’s a member of the Daily Painters of Alabama, and by the way, just won The Contemporary Fine Arts International July Art Challenge, “Freedom” with one of her inspiring flag portraits. (Happy Dance!).

And since I mentioned her flag portraits, I’ll let you in on a secret.  Gigi’s flag paintings are the hottest thing in town.  They are being scooped up by State and National dignitaries faster than they can pass new tax laws!  A few months ago, Gigi painted a flag, then another, then another . . . and they just keep coming.  She can barely keep the breathtaking original acrylics in her gallery.

Tapping into the left brain-right brain gift, Gigi uses a palette knife in her left hand to apply the bold swaths of red and blue, while also using a brush in her right hand to add the finer details of whites and shadows.  She paints right in the gallery, and it’s an amazing thing to see.

Gigi said that flags are “freeing” and she’s speaking on many different levels.  “Freedom to paint, freedom to experiment, freedom to. . . live the dream.”

Yet another creative, successful, productive citizen of Fairhope, brought to you by . . .
Fairhope Supply Co.

These amazing original paintings begin at $100.  Click here to see the gallery schedule and directions.

Click here to see Gigi’s blog page.

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