Funny Jail Story

October 22, 2012


Fairhope Museum of History
Fun True Story from Fairhope:
The Fairhope Museum of History is housed in the original City Hall building which included the City Jail.  This original jail is now on display, and the Museum staff allows people to go inside, lock themselves in, and a la Ottis from Mayberry, reach through the bars, grab the keys, and set themselves free.
I don’t think that you could really release yourself when it was the official jail.  Yep.  Pretty sure of that.
Fairhope Museum of History
You can see in this photo the keys in between the door and jail bar window.
One day, some older children were in the museum playing this jail game.  The museum staff is so nice, and realizes the children are learning something while they play and are much better off in the museum than if they sat home in front of a flashing TV or computer screen. Therefore, the kids are allowed to stay and poke around.  As long as they poke politely.
Fairhope Museum of History
One young boy went into the jail cell and locked the door behind him.  Instead of helping him reach through the bars to grab the keys, his friends snatched the keys and ran!
Fairhope Museum of History
Being a modern child, the boy took out his cell phone and called his mother, explaining his predicament and thinking she would tell his friends to return the keys at once!
Being a wise and funny mother, she rushed to the museum within minutes, and brought him . . .
bread and water.
I don’t know how long that poor kid stayed in jail. But at least he didn’t starve.
Lesson of the day:  If you lock yourself inside the old jail at the Fairhope Museum of History, make sure your “friends” are really “friendly.” And make sure you have a sympathetic, non-smarty pants Mom.
And no, it wasn’t me.
Read my first post on The Fairhope Museum of History by clicking here.  The Museum can be reached at 251-929-1474.  Make sure you see the WWII exhibit before it leaves.
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