Front Porch Ferns

July 24, 2013


Boston Ferns are on almost every porch in the South. But why would a plant with such literal Southern roots be named after the Tea Party City of the Northeast? Sources are mixed, but one explanation is that a new variety with gracefully arched fronds was discovered in a laboratory in Boston in 1894 – which is the same year Fairhope was founded!
Nice coincidence.
Mobile Alabama, Fairhope Supply Co.
Look carefully at these beautiful homes in Mobile, Alabama and you can
see their front porch fern – finery.
Historic home, Mobile AL
This family decided to place their ferns atop the bannisters instead of
hanging on the porch.
Every neighborhood has their rebels!
My Grandmother’s ferns were so amazingly large, people would borrow them to use as decorations for their wedding ceremonies. No florist in town could come close to her ferns.
large fern for a wedding, Mobile AL
Here’s a fern that’s wedding–worthy.
A small child could get lost in there.
old house Mobile Alabama
Boston Ferns are beautiful, but make a huge mess. Tiny little leaves flutter down to your porch and you have to continuously sweep. But for some reason, we keep putting them up.
Historic home Mobile AL
Ferns also grow wild in the ground in our tropical area. They spread and can be quite beautiful growing beneath a large oak tree. In some areas of Africa, the ferns are considered invasive and must be removed.
Southern ferns, Fairhope Supply Co.
Didn’t know that, did you?
(Thank you, Wikipedia)
Southern home Mobile, AL
The houses are lovely on their own, but Boston Ferns are the perfect finishing touch.
Like a strand of pearls on a Belle.

Southern porch Mobile Alabama, Fairhope Supply Co.

And this house gets the prize for the most beautiful front porch ferns. They are hung all the way down the side of the house along the driveway.
I wonder if they’ve ever been borrowed for a wedding?
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