Florida State vs. Auburn Prediction

January 5, 2014


You know Southerners love their college football, and it’s becoming a habit to have a Southern team play in the BCS Championship Game. This year, there are two great Southern teams vying for the title.

Florida State University and Auburn University are old friends and have met many times before. Both are located about four hours from Fairhope, and as someone who was born in and lives in Alabama, but graduated from FSU, (GASP! WHAT? You didn’t know that???)  I almost feel bad about wanting to beat Auburn. I have many good friends who are Auburn graduates and as far as football fans go, they are fairly friendly and good natured. Several have even invited me to watch the game with them. Ummm . . . no thank you.

Auburn is on a lucky streak this year, and I’m not sure I want to be in a room full of Tiger fans if things turn against my Seminoles.

I’m not the only Seminole with a Fairhope connection.
FSU’s talented Defensive Back Nate Andrews started as a proud Fairhope Pirate.

As far as football fans go, believe me, there are several other teams I would be much more excited about laying a whoopin’ on than Auburn. I won’t name them here, but see me after class and I’ll whisper  their names in your ear.

My new Alabama/FSU shirt.

It’s also a shame fans in the Southeast have to drag ourselves across the country to Pasadena, California to settle this. It seems like we could all meet about half way at Dothan High School and get it over with.  I would even bring deviled eggs and cheese straws to the tailgate.

But I guess we have to do what we have to do.

So, bring it on.

Trying to figure out the point spread, I came up with a scientifically based formula and determined, Florida State vs. Auburn . . .
FSU will be victorious.

Here’s how the results were calculated. First, I compared mascots and symbols.

Auburn has Aubie. Grrrrr.
Umm, sorry. You don’t get points for “cute” in football.
And FSU has . . .
Endorsed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Chief Osceola rides to mid field, and plants his flaming spear in the ground. This ceremony has been named the best all-time pre-game show by ESPN and will send shivers down your spine.
And a little know fact? The current Chief Osceola (and our quarterback) are both from Alabama!
Touchdown Florida State!

Then, I passed the ball to the alumni. . .

Auburn University has one of my favorite locals as a graduate . . .

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.
Pretty impressive, and I love all things Apple, but so far, Tim has yet to help me with a Southern Siri, so no point.

Auburn also claims one of my favorite columnists . . .

I never miss her weekly column for King Features Syndicate.
Interestingly, she and I both had dogs named Mabel, but both dogs died, so no point.

But hang on, because the ball changed possession, and two of my favorite FSU graduates took their turn.  I’m sure you’ll agree, their contributions to the world are worthy of big points.

Sara Blakely
Founder and Inventor of Spanx and the youngest female self-made BILLIONAIRE!
Ladies from all schools, even Auburn . . .  you know you love this Seminole!
Every time you squish your hiney into Spanx, you should whistle the FSU fight song and send the FSU College of Business a little love note.

Another Seminole touchdown!

And the final nail in the coffin for Auburn, the ultimate reason Florida State University will dominate the BCS Championship game and everything else in the world . . .

Country music’s new darling and dream dude.
And by the way, all the guys at FSU look like this.
(At least the ones who hung around me did.)
Touchdown, touchdown, field goal, and touchdown, 
plus one of these for fun . . .
and my calculations say in the 2013 BCS Championship game, Florida State University will win it all!
Best wishes to my Auburn friends, and Go Seminoles!
What is your prediction?
  • HOTTY TODDY!! I am glad I am not the only one who left the state for college. I will be pulling for my families team Monday night. War Eagle

  • Roll Tide… now and forever. Win, lose or tie (not that you can actually have a tie game any more) I am a BAMA fan. In our family, we have BAMA, FSU and Auburn grads but I’m pulling for the Noles in this one. I absolutely love Chief Osceola and Renegade and agree FSU has the best pre-game show.

  • Hi Hope, I will be pulling for FSU big time! They are playing ummm “that team” (I can’t even type it here”, the first reason. Second my darling daughter-in-law graduated there too! There you have it.
    Go Noles…………….

    The French Hutch

  • Roll Tide! I’m a fan in good times and bad….. and I NEVER miss an opportunity to see Auburn get beaten. GO SEMINOLES!

    • That’s the kind of fan I am too – good or bad, support your team. And the Gators are our eternal enemy!

  • I like the way you count points. Nothing against Auburn, as soon as FSU wins we can go back to being friends.

  • Good spirited comparison. But, I just watched OU trounce Bama! Go Auburn!

  • Old 'Nole (Sammy Seminole was mascot) says:

    Two Tomahawks Up!!!

  • Looks like I’m going to have to step up by my lone self and say WAR EAGLE BABY! It should be an interesting match up. BTW, what about that Oklahoma win last night over Alabama? I hate to say it, since my SIL and youngest grandson are Ala fans, but I was glad the Sooners put a whippin’ on the Tide….thought Satan looked a little shell shocked! (I bet I get some hate mail over these comments)!

    I agree about having to go to Pasadena….let’s have the National Championship here and show the world some good ol Southern hospitality!

  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    Quoting from the universal laws of everything: Law #19: “There is an inverse relationship between the educational level of a motor vehicle’s driver and the size of the team decal on the back window.” A tasteful 1″ high decal which reads “University of Alabama” means the driver is a graduate of said university. 18″ high letters screaming B A M A means the driver cannot finish spelling the word.

  • What a great article! And where can I get my hands on one of those awesome FSU Alabama state t-shirts?! GO NOLES!!

  • Ahem! You failed to mention that your favorite Alabama blogger is an Auburn grad! 🙂

    • Except that this one is an Alabama fan who pulls for Auburn when they aren’t playing the Tide! It’s COMPLICATED! 🙂

  • Well, my Bulldawg heart is still smartin’ from that loss to Auburn. We know it was all luck, pure luck…and timing. So for me… GO NOLES!

    • I like to say our coach was “raised” by Bobby Bowden. Love Coach Bowden too. My sister spent years working at FSU…and said Coach was a very charming man. She saw the sweet side of him.

  • LOL- Waiting to SEE how it REALLY turns out! Ya know I am rooting for Florida! xo Diana

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