Film Festival Time in Fairhope!

October 20, 2017


Celebrating 5 years of the Fairhope Film Festival is a huge accomplishment. Growing in popularity and stellar reputation as a hotbed for all types of films, the organizers of the festival, especially founder Mary Riser and her loyal band of volunteers,  have reason to throw a big party this year.

With 40 films presented over 4 days, November 9th – 12th, plus short films and filmmaker panels, Fairhope. Alabama is doing its best Hollywood impersonation.

“Adele and Everything After” — how can you not love a good dog movie? This will be popular, so get there early.  The Fairhope Film Festival was chosen by the readers of Alabama Magazine  — for the Best of Bama Award (2017) for Best Art Festival.

Filmmaker and producer Scott Lumpkin will be on hand to present and answer questions about his interesting career. With ties to Fairhope, he’s our hometown film hero and we’re all thrilled he’s here to celebrate this 5 year anniversary. Scott’s latest movie he produced, “The Foreigner,” will be screened Thursday, Nov. 9th at 6pm in the Halstead Amphitheater located on Coastal Alabama Community College Campus. Scott will take questions and discuss the film afterwards. On Saturday at 6pm, “In Conversation with Scott Lumpkin” will be a more in-depth session with Scott at The Book Cellar, followed by the Red Carpet Block Party at 7pm.

“Lucky” is already getting lots of Oscar buzz and stars the late Harry Dean Stanton.


The short film, “The Ruby Glasses” was directed and produced by local Fairhope resident Ron Meszaros and features local residents as the actors. That should be fun to watch!


In addition to the outdoor show at the amphitheater, will be one other new venue at the Fairhope United Methodist Church where “Becoming who I was” will be playing. It’s fun seeing more of the entire city of Fairhope getting involved.



I’ve been wanting to see Maudie, so maybe I can catch it during the festival.


Always the Burt Reynolds fan, I’ll look forward to seeing, “Dog Years.”

It’s going to be a great year for the festival and if you are in the area, you really need to check out the web site HERE for all the details of parties, lectures, short films and documentaries. The great November weather in South Alabama will be the perfect autumn setting for all these great films and fun mingling with all the nice people in town. Hope to see everyone there!

To see the complete list of films and get all the information on tickets and schedules, click HERE.



  • Stephen Savage says:

    Hi Leslie Anne,
    One small correction… The Ruby Glasses, a short fairy tale of a film, set in Fairhope, was produced and directed by, Rom Meszaros and Stephen Savage.

    Lots of familiar faces and a charming film!



    • Sorry I left you off! Can’t wait to see it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

  • Ah Burt, we watched Smokey & the Bandit recently and had a lot of laughs…sounds like another great Fairhope event, thanks for the info!

  • Kind of like football season and Halloween. Nothing says “Fall in Fairhope” like the Fairhope Film Festival. Thanks for the recommendations. I trust your taste in films.

    • Well, I’ve been known to let things slip by me before and have sat there rather shocked, but overall, I like to know what I’m getting into before I invest a couple of hours in it, so I try to do my homework ahead of time! Hope you enjoy this year’s line-up.

  • What a wonderful event and wow I haven’t seen a photo of Burt Reynolds in a long time! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • The Bandit! I think its great Burt is still making movies. Happy weekend to you too Pam!

  • So excited! This is my favorite Fairhope event all year! Can’t wait to get back to my “second home,”

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