Festival of Flowers 2015

March 30, 2015



Festival of Flowers Mobile, Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co. Springtime means it’s time for Providence Hospital Foundation’s Festival of Flowers.


Festival of Flowers Providence Hospital - Fairhope Supply Co. You never know what to expect when you enter the giant tent, because the committee always develops a new look every year.

festival of flowers Mobile, Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co. Held on the hospital’s ground in Mobile, Alabama, it’s the largest outdoor flower show in the entire South East.


Lady Head Vases - Mobile Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co. This year’s theme was “Southern Roots” which was entirely clever.


Twig wall in Mobile, Alabama Festival of FlowersNatural elements and ideas for your garden were at every twist and turn.


Festival of Flowers Providence Hospital - Fairhope Supply Co. Brightly colored blossoms looked so fresh, they must have been picked just moments before the doors opened.

stacey Howell - Festival of Flowers, Fairhope ArtistWe were so happy to see Fairhope artist, Stacey Howell, featured as the official festival artist. She was incredibly busy with people admiring her work, and I must also get in a plug that she’s a fellow FSU grad! She’s absolutely one of my favorite artist in town, and I really need to feature her someday soon in her own story. You’ll love her and her art.


Providence Hospital Foundation Festival of FlowersDifferent Southern novels were interpreted by book clubs with the use of natural elements. Here is, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” from one of our favorite Southern cities, Savannah.


Festival of Flowers Mobile, ALAnd our all time favorite Alabama classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird” had cotton and Spanish Moss climbing up the table that held the tiny floral town of Maycomb, Alabama.


Steel Magnolias at the Festival of Flowers Mobile AlabamaAnd here’s Truvy’s Beauty Parlor from Steel Magnolias. Too bad the real magnolias don’t bloom until May.

Rustic Table setting, Mobile, AL Festival of Flowers This was a featured theme table for “Brunch After the Hunt” that I thought was especially lovely.


Camellias Festival of Flowers Providence Hospital Mobile, ALAlways ready to dress in theme, I wore my embroidered duster coat, that I’ve had for years.  It can be dressed up over a dress, or down with jeans, but looks especially stunning when I’m surrounded by a tent full of camellias. (If I say so myself).


southern porch Mobile Alabama Festival of FlowersA large front porch was constructed inside the enormous tent to showcase beautiful doors, a bed swing and rocking chairs. I’ll have to admit I was surprised it wasn’t also covered with container gardens of some sort, but it kind of gave your eye a break from all the color everywhere else.


Festival of Flowers Providence Hospital, Mobile, ALOutdoor, the vendors were set up to offer plants, garden accessories and many other flower-themed items.


Native Azalea Mobile AL, Festival of Flowers, Providence HospitalThe native azalea was interesting, because I’ve seen them for years, although they are very scarce, are making a comeback. I love the orange-y color and have seen them in many yards around Mobile and Baldwin Counties.


Day Lilies Festival of Flowers, Mobile, AL - Fairhope Supply Co.

These daylillies were being carted off by the bag-fulls by people eager to go home and make their yards look just like the festival. It’s always so inspiring to see this beautiful presentation, and I leave looking forward to the next year.


Click HERE to see last year’s festival.

  • Guess what? I have one lady head and one of those exact cabbage bowls. Now I need more of both for a stunning centerpiece! Pretty post!!!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You are all set and ready to go! I thought it should have some silverware on the table, but the background that I didn’t get in this photo was really pretty and was the main focus.

  • What a great post…Savannah and “Midnight in the Garden…” and Harper Lee AND “Steel Magnolias!” But my favorite is the lady head vases. What a perfect idea for a luncheon centerpiece.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I loved that table too. My lady head vase is in the china cabinet, but I need to fill it up while the azaleas are still in bloom.

  • That is an amazing display of imagination! Would be worth the trip. Thanks for the tour.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      There are plenty of out of town groups who travel to see this festival. You are right that it’s worth the drive!

  • thanks for the virtual tour Leslie Anne~ must have been full of stunning eye candy! Love the book vignettes, so clever and fun~ your embroidered duster was the perfect thing to wear!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      There’s so much color and fragrance at the festival, I’m always amazed there aren’t swarms of bees happily buzzing around.

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