Festival of Flavor — best tasting event of the year!

September 28, 2016


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogMmmmm! Did someone say, “Festival of Flavor?” I thought so.


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogI’m always on the lookout for a new restaurant or chef, so this is going to be the perfect opportunity to try out many, many great things at once. The cooler weather (that will be here any minute, I’m sure) will bring out the crowds and yes, don’t worry, TVs will be available for football!


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blog

This year’s festival on Saturday, October 8th in beautiful Downtown Foley, Alabama from noon – 5pm, will showcase craft beer from breweries throughout the Southeast, wine tastings and plenty of delicious dishes from our area’s best restaurants like . . . Wolf Bay Lodge (just ate there this summer) Villaggio Grille (can’t wait to try it), Ginny Lane Bar & Grill (one of my favorites from my trip to Orange Beach), Perdido Beach Resort, (Oh! This will be good!), Rum Sister’s (Everyone’s talking about their awesome cakes), Portabella’s Restaurant (to-die-for gourmet pizzas and pasta),Frenchie’s Cajun Cafe’ (love Cajun food), Pinzone’s Italian Village Restaurant (was just there last week), Wintzell’s Oyster House (all the time!), and . . . you guessed it, MORE!


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogThere will also be food trucks providing samples of their innovative menus on-the-go! Oh my goodness!



Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blog

This is a very important competition since it is a qualifier for a Golden Ticket to the World Food Championship which will be held November 11-13th at The Wharf in Orange Beach. I’m amazed that there will be more than 400 teams participating in this worldwide competition!


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogThese photos are all from last year’s competition, so you can really see the variety of food served was incredible.



Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogAnother part of the competition is the Chicago Street Supper Club, which serves as the official kickoff of the entire festival. Held two days before, on October 6th at 7 pm at Wolf Bay Lodge in Foley, this five-course meal with perfectly paired wine selections has a limited number of tickets at $75 each and will feature farm to table cuisine made with local ingredients from our own Baldwin County farms and of course, the bountiful Gulf of Mexico.



Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blogSo . . . let’s get this straight . . .

There’s the Chicago Street Supper Club at Wolf Bay Lodge on October 6th.

Then, there’s the awesome Festival of Flavor itself in Downtown Foley on October 8th.

And last but not least, the World Food Championship at The Wharf in Orange Beach, November 11-13.

Is anyone feeling hungry? (me).


To visit the official web site where you can easily purchase tickets or learn more about any of these events, click HERE. It’s also not too late to become one of the vendors, so if Maw Maw’s new fried chicken truck wants to compete for big “ca-ching $$$,” tell her to hurry and enter!


Festival of Flavor - Leslie Anne Tarabella -blog

Tickets are so reasonably priced for a smorgasbord of tastes of some of the most delicious, gourmet creations in our area. Children’s tickets start at $5 for six samples with a soft drink or water. Adult tickets start at $10 for 12 tastes at any booth. Middleweight tasters can purchase 26 tastes at any booth for $20, and those with a big appetite can get 38 tastes at any booth for $30. The $65 VIP passes include 25 tastes good for all areas of the festival, including beer and wine. VIP ticket holders also receive three full adult beverages at the bar and entrance to a lounge area with an inflatable television for watching the day’s football games, as well as private restroom facilities.


The weather will be wonderful, the food will be delicious. What else are you waiting on?

I hope to see you there!



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