A Southern Belle’s Favorite Words

March 26, 2014


Favorite Words

There’s definitely an art to living in the South. Moss dripping from ancient trees and bright white cotton fields being ruffled by the breeze paint a fetching picture. So why shouldn’t our vocabulary be just as artistically resplendent?

Last week, I had lunch with three precious friends on the outdoor patio at Wintzell’s, and I declare, all these words were used at least once!  It was a bonafide delightful soiree’!

Penelope Jane (the one with the flawless complexion, deranged cad of an ex-husband and dashing new beau) corrected me on “Kinsfolk.” People around here usually leave off the “s” in the middle of the word and just say, “Kinfolk.” Both are correct, but what do you think?

Which word do you use the most? Do you live outside the south and have a favorite “flowerdy” expression?  Don’t you just love words? (I should have added “flowerdy” to the list. I use it all the time to describe a certain dress.)
No matter where you call home, what are some of your favorite words?

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