Father’s Day Bucket List

June 1, 2015


Are all men a pain in the neck to shop for or is it just the men in my family? I like this BBQ Briefcase, (HERE) but my husband already has it (and loves it).

home plate1
I considered this awesome Home Plate Doormat (HERE), but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.


I suwannee, both my Daddy and my husband will go out and buy themselves something the day before Father’s Day, while we’re all left running around wondering what in the world they want.

But this year, I’m one step ahead of the game. One of my favorite stores, Uncommon Goods, contacted me and wanted to help with my selections for Father’s Day gifts (here). They must have heard what a hard time I have shopping for my men, but let me tell you . . . no matter what your shopping list is like, Uncommon Goods has it covered.


They have about a Ba-ZILLION items to choose from, but they’re all arranged in easy-to-navigate categories, like “Gifts for Men” (HERE). Some items are funny, some are practical and some are practically funny! And right on their delivery box, Uncommon Goods lets you know they have a good heart and are giving back to charities. Just another little touch that’s — well, uncommonly good!


stool CollageI finally came across the Tool Seat on the “Gifts for Husband” collection (HERE) and knew it would be a great gift for my husband, not for gardening (that’s my area), but for the times he works on gadgets and gizmos where he has to be up and down/up and down for long periods of time.ug stool

The Tool Seat has pockets to hold all his essential tools and what-nots, and the caddy can be removed (quick velcro) to carry with him or he can use the stool by itself, which I’m sure he’ll take along on his next camping trip with Troop 47, or even down to the bay when he goes fishing.


IMG_9356After seeing the Tool Seat in person, I think I may get another for my garden. It’s the ultimate in luxury tomato harvesting, you know.


But what to get for my own Dad? He has everything! I considered these “Nautical Flag Dominoes” on the “Gifts for Dad” page (HERE), but kept looking.


Then, I had a bright idea. I remembered that years ago, when my Granddaddy was around 97 years old, (he lived to be 102), I was stumped for what to get him. Then I remembered, he carried a bucket with him everywhere and used it for everything under the sun. Gathering pecans, okra, toting nails to build birdhouses, or cleaning up twigs from the yard, you name it . . . he was never without his old bucket, which was becoming very worn, and dented.

Ducks3I bought my Granddaddy a new aluminum bucket, filled it with his favorite snacks and he loved it. Every time I saw him from then on, he told me what a great gift it was. Here’s a sweet photo from long ago of my son with Granddaddy as they were on their way to feed the ducks in Lake DeFuniak.  Somewhere, there’s a photo just like this of him taking me to feed the ducks at the same lake many years before.

Awwww . . .

But back to the bucket story . . .


Since I had “bucket-on-the-brain” I was excited when I saw this new version of the age-old classic. Who would have thought there was a way to improve the common bucket? Well, since they are “un”common, Uncommon Goods did it! They realized during the times you aren’t using your trusty, handy-dandy bucket, IT”S IN THE WAY OF EVERYTHING! So now, Uncommon Goods offers a collapsible bucket! (HERE).


DSC02195I know! What a clever idea! It pops into place in three different sizes, all the way up to two gallons. It’s made of sturdy silicone with a stainless steel handle and folds down to a slim 2″.25807_zoom1They also offer the same type bucket in a beach pail version. I know it seems weird to be excited over a bucket, but I’m telling you, I’m shopping for strange kinds of men who like practical-odd-unique things like this. Believe me, it will be appreciated far more than a tie or picture frame made out of macaroni (although I thought the frame was really cute).


Flowers in bucket

Look how much this awesome bucket holds! Perfect for your boat, camper, trunk of your car, or just to slide out of the way anywhere, this folding bucket makes so much good common sense . . .  and don’t we love products that do that?


Daddy’s going to love his new bucket. Maybe I’ll fill it with his favorite candy or fishing supplies when I give it to him. If this Collapsible Utility Bucket had been around to give to my Granddaddy, I’m sure he would have loved it too.


Image-3One more photo of both my boys, my Dad and Granddad . . . awwww!!!!!


Now it’s your turn to get busy shopping for the men in your life. Click HERE to visit Uncommon Goods web site. You’ll be amazed at the variety of unique and beautiful items, many of them custom made. And the best part? No more pain in the neck shopping trips needed!

  • I absolutely love your blog! Thanks for that website. I bought the eyeglass holder for David for Father’s Day! He just bought a new pair of glasses just for his computer work so that will be perfect for his desk! 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Great! I’m sure he’ll love it!

  • Love the family pictures. What nice memories.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks. It was fun looking through them all.

  • What a cool bucket, and it’s such a practical gift.
    It reminds me of the cups that my mother and grandmother used to keep in their purses…they collapsed like this bucket, but were made of a hard plastic. I always loved to play with them as a little girl and it caused me to drink water just because it was fun!
    Great post.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      After I wrote this, I asked my son where our little folding cups are. I haven’t seen them in years, but I know we have a few. His answer? “They’re in the folding cup drawer.”

  • How clever! The bucket could also be a Mothers’ day gift. Seems like a handy item. I am sure your Dad will put it to good use.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Mothers have a completely different “bucket list.”

  • That bucket is perfect, especially for traveling (flying to the beach or even driving…who has enough space these days)? I love the photos of your boys 🙂

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks. I didn’t think about carrying beach equipment when you fly!

  • Yes, dads can always use buckets. My sweet dad used his for everything just as you said. I can see him now using that “old”bucket to gather and bring in his beautiful harvest of tomatoes. Great gift idea, love the blue.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It’s such a practical thing around the house. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long to update the design. It’s kind of like those little folding cups we used to play with. Now that’s another great idea!

  • Leslie Anne…. I love Uncommon Goods! Great photos of you boys and your Dad. Have a great week!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I do love these photos and remember that day as if it were yesterday.

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