A family just like ours

October 22, 2014


Here’ s the latest article from my column, “Southern With A Gulf Coast View.”



A Family Just Like Ours

Is it really true that Steel Magnolias is celebrating its 25th anniversary? I’ve watched the ultimate Southern chick–flick about 4 times a year, so that equals to somewhere around 100 viewings, give or take a few. I don’t purposely seek it out, but it seems the film airs on some television station or the other every few days.

I’ll be flipping through the channels, and there they are. Truvy, Ouiser, M’Lynn, Clairee, and of course, dear Shelby, are all busy living their lives in Natchitoches, Louisiana. No matter where I land in the movie, I can close my eyes and recite their familiar and epic lines.

“I love you more than my luggage.” Or,       . . .   CLICK HERE to read more 


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  1. I won’t tell you how many of these movies are favorites, happy to watch over and over anytime the opportunity presents itself. This is one of those favorites! Love the story you shared…………..I’m still getting your new posts delivered in my mailbox……………….Happy Day dear girl.

  2. Steel Magnolias!
    Can not say which one I loved the most, probably because I loved them all!!

    Can watch over and over and laugh and cry each time.

    That’s pretty good for a Yankee, wouldn’t you say?
    Enjoy you news daily!
    Arlene C.

    1. Actually, other than the funny sayings, (and big hair) it’s pretty much a universal – type family. Northerners are allowed to love these characters too!

  3. Have certainly watched it more than once and agree with every thing you said, however I usually avoid it since I get so caught up in it that it makes me really, really sad.

  4. Oh yeah! I love this movie so much I go to Nachitoches every time I get the chance to see that Christmas parade on the river and scarf down some Nachitoches meat pies.

    My favorite Shelby line — “I am known for my ability to accessorize.”

  5. I still cry every time I see it! Turning on an old movie while doing stuff around the house is the best! And yes, so many classic lines~

    1. Okay, here’s one of the funniest lines that never gets much attention because it’s so fast:
      Annelle – “I went to the fire sale at the Baptist Bookstore in Shreveport last week. They had mismatched manger scenes at incredibly low prices. I cleaned them out of Baby Jesus’ which I made into ornaments.”

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