Fairhope’s Christmas Parade 2015

December 7, 2015


Lots and lots of photos from this perfect parade on a perfect night attended by perfectly nice crowd!
Melinda Mapp in the Fairhope Christmas ParadePretty Melinda Mapp led off the parade in her candy cane scarf. Although I couldn’t see him, I’m sure the warm man next to her was her dear Louis. There was no sign on this side of the car, but I’m guessing it was a car for Santa’s favorite helpers.


Fairhope High School BandOur favorite high school band kept the crowd happy with holiday tunes.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015We met several people who were visiting from Mobile and Florence Alabama who were excited about our parade. They were all lovely and it was fun to get to see the parade through the eyes of first-time attendees. They were surprised at how all the people throw candy, beads, peanuts and a few moon pies. Once you are spoiled by a real Mardi Gras parade, you always expect lots of loot! I loved this float with billowing snow, twinkling lights and strands of marshmallows seeming to float through the air.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015 3 Circle ChurchBeep-beep! Cute-cute!


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015The new middle school students got to march in their first parade, and sounded wonderful!


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015My favorite snowflake girls did a great job as always.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015In addition to the snowflake dancers, there was also a fabulous group of majorettes, but I was so excited to see them, I didn’t get a good photo, but they were awesome! Love the majorettes!


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015 I’m sure most of The Baldwin Pops have done their time marching down the streets. Older and wiser, they ride in style now. Their Christmas concerts are this week in several locations. Click HERE for the schedule.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015The Eastern Shore Art Center had their sporty Puttin’ on the Gritz truck on display – it’s much too precious to actually drive! The second annual Puttin’ on the Gritz is coming up in April, so get ready!


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015Many churches participate in this parade with their youth groups and children helping build the floats.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015It’s always so fun to see the children having such a good time.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015 Lori Dubose 1220 AM WABFAnd here’s popular Lori Dubose from WABF 1220 AM bringing you all the news about Fairhope!


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015The Dogwood Trail Maids were on hand with their warm matching capes.


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015

And no Southern parade is complete without beauty queens and  . . .


Fairhope Christmas Parade 2015more beauty queens!

Such a fun night, full of happiness and the Christmas spirit!


  • Margaret Neely says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures. We were so busy looking at the floats that we didn’t take any pictures. It was a great time with everyone around us enjoying the parade too.

  • All that’s missing is your brother’s fire truck! Lovely parade in a lovely town…! I especially like the Dogwood Trail Maids.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Actually, our City Council rides in the parade on Fairhope’s old fire truck! Didn’t snap a photo of them this year, but they were a favorite! And I agree, everyone loves the Dogwood Trail Maids!

  • Now that gives me the Christmas spirit. Beautiful photos of happy people. Thanks!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      The only unhappy person I heard of was a young’un who got whopped up side the head with a caramel being thrown by the City Council. But after he ate it, he was happy again!

  • Looks like it was indeed a wonderful evening filled with Christmas spirit! I love the float with the little lights and marshmallows and of course the bands with what I’m sure was beautiful Christmas music. What a great way to enjoy the season………..

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Emily. It was magical. Happy Christmas season to you!

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