Speaking to (my)self S.E.L.F.

May 8, 2015


Fairhope Alabama Yacht Club HarborWhat a gorgeous setting for a meeting!


Patriot Sailboat Fairhope Yacht Club

My Mother called and asked, “When are you speaking to yourself?”

Say whaaaa???

I finally figured out she was referring to my invitation to speak to S.E.L.F., or “Service, Education, Leadership and Fellowship” which is a marvelous group of ladies here on the Eastern Shore.


Fairhope Yacht ClubTheir May meeting was held this past week at the Fairhope Yacht Club and the weather was so cool, crisp and beautiful, the members lingered on the large porches to enjoy the waterfront view.


The room was beautiful and adorned with lovely summer bouquets on each table. I was told they purposely used Mason Jars to hold the bright arrangements because of my article about the old-timey jars. (HERE). Wasn’t that the sweetest thing?


DSC01882SELF limits their group to 100 members who all commit to perform 50 Volunteer hours in the community each year. When people marvel at our wonderful little community, I think about it being due to the muscle of groups like SELF who make it a priority to get out, roll up their sleeves and actually get things done.
Susan Fraizer

President Susan Faizier welcomed the members and awarded a scholarship to a local student from Spanish Fort High School. I wish I had a photo of the young lady who won because she was precious. SELF makes scholarships part of their focus each year, and rotates the award between several different high schools. 


Fairhope yacht club

If you are wishing you had a group like SELF in your community, take a lesson from Gretchen Schapker, who decided a formal, organized effort of volunteers needed to be formed, so in 2004, she gathered 11 other ladies and . . . now we have an army of workers. The idea and efforts of one person is now making a huge impact in our area and beyond.


The complete history of the club can be found HERE.

Leslie Anne Harrison, Fairhope Supply Co. This is a shot of me taken by my friend Kim from Cozi Nest. She said it’s a bit blurry because she had to use her phone, but I think she must have been so entertained by my fabulous speech that she couldn’t concentrate on the picture! Ha, that’s it.


Thank you to the amazing ladies of SELF for inviting me to join you on such a happy and beautiful spring day. Congratulations on all of the powerful things you do for us!


If you are local and want more information on joining this fun group, who not only volunteer, but also socialize and find great friendships, click HERE to see their web site with contact information.



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    1. Oh thanks Deb! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the other radio spots on the blog, and I always goof it up. That first time was a fluke!
      Thanks so much.

  1. What a fabulous organization!! If you look at the ladies in the audience, you can tell that they are loving your speech. Happy Mothers Day Leslie Anne!

    1. Well, were they laughing WITH me, or AT me? I think that photo was taken right after I told them that even though I had 15-30 minutes to fill, I could only speak for about ten minutes, because that’s as long as I could hold my stomach in. A room full of ladies can sympathize with that problem!

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

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