Restaurants in Fairhope

November 18, 2014


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    1. I really didn’t realize how many great places to eat we have until I started writing it down. You would think all we do around here is eat!
      Come on down and we’ll hold a reservation open for you!

  1. Totally agree, Leslie! Aren’t we blessed to have so many good places to eat? Thanks for spreading the word. This is very helpful information for visitors, and for locals who may not have dined at all of these. Thanks for being a good Fairhope ambassador!

    1. I hope the locals try to get to all of these at some point. It’s nice to support our local friends.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. So glad you finished this post. We have visited many of these but not all. Last time, we were not thrilled with Wintzells’s — the only almost inedible meal there we have ever had. Hope they have their situation figured out now because we have always really enjoyed it. We really like the Sinatra Special over at Papa’s Pizza, too.

    Many times we have stayed at The Fairhope Inn. Breakfast cooked and served by Carrie is fantastic: it is always the same with eggs cooked to your preference plus grits, the meat of your choice and banana bread. She is a delightful asset to the Inn, so sweet. We celebrated my birthday there one year, and I had to send my dinner back. They were nice about it and brought me something else.

    We always look forward to our next trip. And I keep saying that the Chamber of Commerce should put you on the payroll!

  3. You are making me hungry! How wonderful of you to shine a spotlight on so many wonderful local restaurants. And you are doing an equally good service to those not on the list so they can take a good hard look at their service and atmosphere to see where they might improve!

    1. That’s a positive way to look at it! What is the name of the TV show where the guy comes in and helps them make a few changes in their restaurant, and it’s a major improvement? I guess it shows anyone can get into a rut.

  4. I’m thrilled with your list of places to eat in Fairhope ~~~ I visit The Grand Hotel often (- to visit with grandchildren that live in Daphne, but adore hanging out with me at The Grand ) and I’m always interested in places to visit for lunch or dinner !! I’ve driven by several places on your list and now place to stop and enjoy dining there !!! This truly has answered questions about places worth the visit !!!
    I’ve enjoyed your articles about a place that is also my little bit of heaven ~ Fairhope !!! Thanks again for sharing your views on this most fabulous little town !!!

    1. So happy you wrote! Isn’t the Grand Hotel special? I know you are making wonderful memories with your grandchildren. They will return to the Grand for years to come and always think of their fun times with you.

      Thanks for writing!

  5. Agreed with your choices but was disappointed that Big Daddy’s wasn’t on your list. Although the place is rustic, its location on the Fish Restaurant is very nice, and their burgers and seafood are delicious. It’s been a favorite of our visitors and we see a lot of our neighbors there.

    1. I like Big Daddy’s too, and thought about adding it to the list, but it’s so far away that I don’t know if I would send someone there who wasn’t familiar with the area. Maybe I should do another list for locals and adventurous tourists with GPS! Thanks for your input, and now I’m hungry for Big Daddy’s burger!

  6. Thanks so much Leslie Anne, we love to go over to Fairhope for lunch in the winter time, so I look forward to checking these out! I love good food but it’s the atmosphere that draws me to a place~

  7. Love the Grands brunch… MaryAnne’s is good although the wait can be long. I always call my order in to pick up so I don’t have to wait. The Shephards Pie at McSherrys is the bomb… I would have it every night for dinner! Thanks for posting, there are so many new places I need to try out! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Great idea about calling in your order ahead of time, and yes, I’ve also had the Shepherd’s Pie at McSherry’s and it was wonderful. A dish you definitely can’t get anywhere else around here!

  8. Will Hughes is no longer in the windmill market. The ox and Maryann’s are the only ones at this time.

    I tried the OX about a year ago and was HOOKED. They have a limited menu but what they do have is amazing every time. My favorite is the OX burger and their new Greek burger. Their salad and ranch dressing is delicious and BO(the owner) makes his own pickles which are also delicious. They post on their Facebook page different specials so keep and eye out for that. In the winter they had chili and brunswick stew as specials and they were so good! Not sure if you can tell but the OX is one of my families favorite Fairhope restaurants.

  9. Leslie Ann, if only I could start at the top and make my way to the bottom of this amazing list. Thank you. Fairhope is a great place to eat. I’ve noticed that the fast food restaurants do less business than anywhere else I’ve seen.

    1. I guess that’s true now that you mention it. There are so many other places to eat, why get fast food? I need to update the list soon, so stay posted as new places open.

  10. I moved to Baldwin County 3 years ago from Houston (City of 10,000 places to eat). I suffered for the whole time because my favorite food was unavailable in Alabama. I love the seafood here (I am from New Orleans) but I am addicted to Indian food. I lived in Europe for 7 years and learned about good Indian food. Luckily the “Yak” opened in Mobile and later opened a branch in Fairhope (In the middle of town, in the big lots parking lot). It is listed as a Nepalese not Indian food but it is really northern Indian cooking.
    Why do you not list it? Is it because they do not serve gouda grits or boom boom shrimp like every other place down here. Wake up to other great food, right here in Fairhope.

    1. If you read carefully, this is a list of mainly downtown, walkable restaurants. I originally responded here that I wasn’t a fan of Yak, but because of your enthusiasm promised to give it another try . . . and I did. And I’m glad! It was much better than before. The atmosphere still isn’t great, but if you want something different, then by all means, give Yak a try. Word of warning – if you get take-out, check your order before you leave. Communication is sometimes difficult. – thanks for the good advice!

  11. Please update after you eat at Ox Kitchen! We are there once a week and I will die with that burger in my hand, lol. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. I think it’s one of the most underrated places in our whole region. Also GET the Brussels if they are on the menu when you go. They are the TRUTH. There are not many places in Fairhope that I don’t tire of after long (the woes of a small town foodie) but Ox brings it.

    1. How funny, because as I read your message, I have OX Kitchen’s menu right next to me on my desk. I meant to go there last time, but my dining companion insisted on Mary Ann’s (which is also a long time favorite). I’ll be at OX kitchen soon an will give a full report. Thanks for the reminder.

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