Fairhope Pier photos

June 22, 2015


Clouds on PierBig kid surprised me and came home for a quick visit from his job working as the camp photographer and videographer in Middleofnowhere, Mississippi. It’s hard to even get cell phone service where he is, so we don’t get to talk to him very often.


Fairhope Pier, Leslie Anne TarabellaHis visit was a total surprise, so I was thrilled to have him here for a a full day and a half.


Bay with cloudsWhile here, he made time to run down to the Fairhope Pier, which he misses terribly (almost as much as he misses me), and took these beautiful photos. When you grow up on the Gulf Coast, then live inland for a while, you really start to feel land-locked. It’s a strange feeling I experienced when I lived in metro-Atlanta, and other people have told me they’ve felt the same thing.


end of pierThe sad thing was, because he had spotty phone service, he didn’t realize his brother and Dad were going to be out of town, so he only got to see me. The happy thing was, I got him all to myself!


Mobile BayI think this photo of the water in Mobile Bay would look great blown up into a huge print.


image_thumb[27]It reminds me of the paintings by architect and artist Steve Giannetti. He and his wife Brooke write the blog, Velvet and Linen which features their gorgeous house.


Big guy will be back in a few weeks for a longer break, then back to camp, then back to college in Birmingham. Back and forth, back and forth . . . I take him being at home when I can.


Here’s a previous post about the beautiful Fairhope Pier. 

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  • Gorgeous pictures! And a bonus visit from your son! Fun! I have a creek running behind my house that, when it gets really high from rain, gives me the sound of water fix I need! I grew up going to the 1,000 Islands summers and don’t get a chance to do that very often now.

  • Love the Fairhope Pier! That is one of my favorite places to frequent. The views are fantastic. He got some great shots and I totally agree about blowing up that last one! It would look great!

  • His photographs are beautiful! I know you loved having him home and to yourself for a few days!

  • What a wonderful unexpected visit you got to enjoy all to yourself! Thanks so much for sharing his beautiful photography with us.

  • Lisa Tucker says:

    So glad you got to visit with your Big Guy!! It makes a Mom’s heart so happy…:) Love his photos!! Water views are my favorite!! I hope you have a great week!!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Thanks Lisa. You’re so right about the happy heart!

  • There really is no place like home. In spite of not getting to see his Dad and brother, I imagine your son really enjoyed just the two of you having time together.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I like to think so!

  • Glad you got to spend some quality mom time with Big Boy! Don’t you hate it when you can’t contact them by phone? I remember that from when my son was in Afghanistan…not fun.
    I’m with you on that pic of the water. It’s GORGEOUS and would be a perfect big piece of wall art. And thank you for introducing me to that blog, Velvet and Linen. I’ll have to start following them–I like their look.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      His camp in Mississippi is rustic, but it’s far from Afghanistan! Bless you for sending your son over there and glad he’s home safe now.

      And yes, love – love Velvet and Linen. It’s been featured in Veranda Magazine many times.

  • arlene cocke says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have had a short visit with your boy all to yourself, no matter how short the time. it seems he is truly in his rightful place, as his photo’s speak of his talent!
    I am able to remember that pier when it was wooden and carved, my first visit to Fairhope to meet my future husband’s family! Where did those fifty years go and the folks before us that sat in their favorite spot on the pier! Memories too beautiful for words! Fairhope, come see, come stay!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      So nice you remember the pier from years ago when it was indeed constructed of wood. The photos of that pier are beautiful, just like your memories.

  • I was reading this to Ray. We are so impressed with your son’s photos, and you are so right, they are reminiscent of Steve Gianetti’s paintings. It also reminded me of Ray’s late Grandma Rose who was born and bred Mississippi Coast, and once she tried to live in NC with her DIL. She stayed four months. She said, “I don’t know how many years it has been since I actually went to the beach, but I lived only a few blocks from it my whole life, and I ride by it and take it for granted. But I just know it is there.”

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It’s so true. I think it’s the openness over the water I missed. I’ll bet people from the midwest feel the same way about living in a closed-in mountainous area.

  • I am totally going to steal the Bay-at-sunset pic for a painting.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      What an honor! We always refer to beautiful clouds now as “Ellen clouds.”

  • I have a grandson growing up on the coast so I’m learning a lot here about what he will someday experience. I’m sure you were thrilled to have this surprise visit! Love the photographs. The pier is a great spot to capture some beautiful snaps.
    Have a great week.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I remember pushing him and his brother on that same pier when they were in a double stroller! It was the kind where he could stand up on the back, so he kept jumping off to chase pelicans and seagulls. Your grandson will have great coastal memories too!

  • I do miss being able to go for a walk on the pier at the end of each day. It’s definitely the main site to see and experience in Fairhope. My father-in-law went fishing early every single morning at the end of the pier when he was alive. We used to watch him on the webcam.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      How fun you watched him on the web cam! I used to have a link to the camera on my sidebar. Maybe I need to put it back up again.

  • Beautiful photographs. Very fortunate to call that area home.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      It’s a nice place for certain, but at his age, my son keeps saying he wants to move to a big city. This is the first time he’s really been a little homesick for Fairhope.

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