Fairhope Film Festival 2016

October 25, 2016



This year, there’s more to the Fairhope Film Festival than just great films! Parties, lectures, short and feature length films and documentaries will spill over into different venues throughout the downtown area.


First of all, the Opening Night Party on Thursday, November 10th at 7:30pm will be huge fun, filled with excitement and delicious food by Andree’s. Region’s Bank is the kind sponsor, who will transform their parking lot on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Section Street into a magical twinkling venue, while the stunningly beautiful French film, “Seasons,” is projected onto the side wall of the bank as a backdrop for the fun. Music will be provided by local favorite Robert Sulley and tickets are only $35. This party drew rave reviews last year, so if you’re in the area, make plans to be there!


And moving right along to the grand event . . . The Red Carpet Party!  The awards ceremony takes place on Saturday, November 12th, beginning at 7:30pm at The Eastern Shore Art Center. Wind Creek Casino is sponsoring this event, so you know it will be amazing! Fairhope Inn will provide the food, and the music will be by Rock Bottom. Tickets to this party are also $35.

Now, on to the main attraction, the films.

I’ve looked over the descriptions of the 2016 selections and have targeted a few I’d like to see. There seems to be more to choose from this year and I already see where I’ll have to sprint from one venue to the next in order to see them all.filmfestival2

But there are still a few I’ll pass on. Thank goodness, there’s something for everyone.


One film’s description starts out, “An intense thriller . . .” um, no thanks. I know some people love biting their nails, sitting on the edge of their seats, but I feel real life is tense enough (politics, scary clowns) without sitting through an hour and a half of someone else’s problems. Then again, from the looks of it, their idea of stress will probably make my fear of the soufflé’ falling seem inconsequential. But like I’ve said before, stress is stress, and I’ll do without any extra, thank you very much.



There are so many good short films, my choices would be too long to list here, but one I will mention is of special interest to locals or anyone considering a move to our area.


The Cells of Baldwin County examines a strange childhood cancer cluster that has been detected in our area of Alabama over the past few decades. Directed by Mindy Keeley and spearheaded for years by my tenacious friend, Lesley Pacey, we’re all hoping this will ultimately lead to answering the many questions we’ve had for years.


And now, here are a few full-length feature films I hope to see.

Ayelén Álvarez Miño and Juan Malizia in OUR LAST TANGO

Our Last Tango: looks interesting as it chronicles the 50 year relationship between two celebrated dance partners from Argentina. Love, jealousy, dance . . . what’s not to love?




A Man Called Ove: This script was taken from a best selling book in Sweden about a grumpy old man who finds a happiness through the kindness of new neighbors. Looks like a positive, feel-good type of movie.



ants-on-a-shrimpAnts on a Shrimp: One for food lovers. This documentary follows the story of a popular restaurant when they decided to shake things up and completely move the entire operation from Copenhagen to Tokyo for a five week pop-up.




Hunt for the Wilderpeople: This just looks funny. An orphan, a grumpy guy, running from the law. Sounds good to me.

Others that look good are, First Lady of the Revolution, Miss Sharon Jones, Naledi, The Architect and Gleason.


And last but not least, Weiner, yep, that Weiner. As in, “weird politician Anthony Weiner who keeps showing his . . . ” well, you know who he is. Why in the tarnation he would ever allow a film crew to follow him around for this documentary is beyond me, but then again, the man just ain’t right. Not sure if I actually want to see it or not, but I think it’s an interesting option.



And another excellent opportunity  . . .image1


To see the entire Fairhope Film Festival and web site where you can purchase tickets, click HERE.

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