Fairhope Film Festival 2015

October 28, 2015


filmIt’s time for the Fairhope Film Festival!


The cinematic celebration is now in its third year, and they’ve just released their choices for the highly popular event. Tickets are going fast, with several different options from which to choose.



Here’s the thing we’ve all learned about the Fairhope Film Festival. First of all, they do a top-rate job of choosing the very best, award winning, unique films. These films are artistic, beautiful and far better than any of the regular old things you see in the movie theater with sticky floors and kids kicking your seat.


Another thing we’ve learned is that although Fairhope is an open-minded artistic sort of town, we are still located in South Alabama, and our tastes may be a little tamer than other places.


But the great thing, is, the committee always finds films good for all of us. There’s mild for the mild and wild for the wild, so don’t stay away just because you think you won’t find something that floats your boat.


I’m on the mild side, and squirm if there’s too much violence or bad language. So slashin’ and cussin’ movies aren’t for me. Prancing around nekid as a jaybird? Well, that depends on who’s doing the prancing! Hahaha!


Food movies, romance, comedy and a good documentary are right up my alley, and there will be plenty of those types of choices.


I’ve been looking through the descriptions and mapping out my plan of attack for the four-day long Festival, which will run November 12 – 15th. The selections are listed HERE, (then click on “films”) and include documentaries, full length features, animated shorts and discussion groups with people in the industry.


So in no particular order, here are a few of the films on this year’s line-up that look interesting to me.

Amy is the story of music genius Amy Winehouse who wasted her talented life through substance abuse. And although I said I like mild, this may be one I would stretch my boundaries for.  There’s something incredibly powerful about Amy Winehouse’s voice and music that I’ve always loved. She’s been compared to another one of my favorites, Dinah Washington, but Winehouse was just reaching mega-star status when those around her couldn’t save her from herself.


14Another documentary I’d like to see is about as far removed from Amy as possible. County Fair Texas is the story of four Texas teens who raise livestock for the county fair. Since my Grandaddy was a county agent and was inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame (you didn’t know I was 4-H royalty, did you?)  The film has already won several awards and shows the great beauty and depth of farm life for a 21st century teenager. Click HERE to see the trailer.


L1060801-Maria-Nohelia-TaniaLandfill Harmonic will be another film I’ll try to see. A group of musicians in Paraguay make instruments from garbage and find world wide fame with their story of hope and the power of music.


61DlpyuxvnL._SY355_Sticking with the music theme, I’m also interested in, The Winding Stream, the story of the Carter and Cash families of country music fame.



A French romantic love triangle with Catherine Deneuve? What’s not to like here? I’ll try to fit 3 Hearts in my Saturday morning line-up. After I watch anything with subtitles I feel very spiffy and international. Catherine Deneuve also has a larger role in, In The Name Of My Daughter, but I think that one has a few places I’d have to close my eyes, so I’ll have to think about it.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a film about Paris Couture, a western, a crime thriller, and it would’t be any fun at all without an Elvis conspiracy flick!  There are so many more films to see,  parties to enjoy and lectures to attend, it makes everyone feel like a star!


If you are out of town and have been wanting to visit Fairhope, this would be the perfect time. The weather is usually beautiful at the beginning of November, and the venues are within walking distance of each other. There are plenty of great restaurants and flower lined streets to enjoy, so hurry and reserve your tickets before they sell out!


What kind of movies do you enjoy?


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  1. Oh, my funny friend…4-H Royalty! Wish I could come see ALL your picks with you. Sounds like exactly my taste in films. Unfortunately, I’ll be a vendor at a local street festival that weekend, keeping folks happy with Rachel’s Sweets 🙂

    1. You’ll be a smash hit yourself at the festival. I’ll tell you all about the movies and you tell me all about how everyone loves Rachel’s Sweets!

  2. Sounds like some interesting movies…I would choose the State Fair film and the film about the Carter Family. I am like you…really violent movies bother me. I could not watch Unbroken or American Sniper because of the violence. I know my limits. I am more of an old movie gal myself. Anything with Cary Grant but especially MY FAVORITE WIFE! Clark Gable floats my boat as well…could anyone else have played Rhett Butler?

    1. Cary Grant and Clark Gable were super stars. There’s no one like them today. I love doing my radio show (this week – Thursday at 10:30 am WABF AM 1220, if anyone wants to check it out) with Tod Johnson who knew all those old stars. I could listen to him talk about them all day long. So classy and all of them elegant!

  3. Sounds like you have picked some I would like too. I am always fascinated by the Carter/Cash clan, and the one with the girls making instruments out of garbage I would love to see. If music is in your soul, it is going to find a way out! Was there ever a more gorgeous woman ever born than Catherine Deneuve?

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