Fairhope Film Festival

September 17, 2014


6a00d83451b74a69e2017d3fa4d4dc970c-800wi-2There’s nothing we love more, here on the Gulf Coast, than a good story. Authors who put their tales on paper, artists who paint their stories on canvas, and the Southerners themselves who can spin a yarn like nobody’s business, spoil us with captivating ideas who leave us wanting more.

This high standard of storytelling has us completely spoiled. We have high expectations for those who want to entertain us, and we don’t put up with weak plot lines or poor interpretations. That’s why I rarely go to the movies these days. It’s so discouraging to plunk down my money for a film that turns out to be a big waste of time.


That’s why not just Fairhope, but the entire Gulf Coast area is excited that a group of locals has established The Fairhope Film Festival. Now in its second year, the FFF takes the worry out of trying to find a good movie to see. Not only does the Festival include forty of the most highly rated feature films and several short films, they also bring to town the excitement and buzz of producers, directors and actors.images-5

For four days in November, Fairhope turns into a little Hollywood (minus the egos!). People who love a good story as well as those who just love to be entertained are snapping up hotel rooms in the area and purchasing tickets for events like the Red Carpet Awards Gala and Filmmaker Panels where the audience gets to interact with those who had a hand in creating the film. New this year, will be a midnight madness showing of a popular “cult classic” beginning at 1opm both Friday and Saturday nights at the Fairhope Brewery. How fun is that?

A scene from the 2013 Red Carpet Event held at The Eastern Shore Art Center- photo: Gulf Coast Newspapers


The first year was a huge success with attendees commenting what a beautiful and unpretentious venue Fairhope has for the Festival, with all events being held within walking distance of each other. The committee chooses films that have been finalists from the national and international competitions. Feature and foreign, short films and documentaries are all included in this well-rounded line-up.

Take a look at this video clip from the 2013 Fairhope Film Festival. You’ll see famous faces, including my friend Tod Jonson who hosts the radio show I do a guest spot on from time to time. (this Thursday at 10:30!) Tod’s from the era of “old glamour” Hollywood and is beside himself excited about the festival.

The line-up of films will be announced October 1st on Fairhope Film Festival’s web site, facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.


And how’s this for excitement . . . if you go to their facebook page TODAY and TOMORROW you can register to win a ticket “six pack” which will be given away at 6pm Thursday. And be sure to follow along, because more give-aways are in the works.


If you’ve ever wanted to visit Fairhope, this is the perfect event for you. The weather is gorgeous here in November, the flowers are gorgeous, and the friendly folks are waiting to meet you. (We make the 2 mean ones leave town that weekend). CLICK HERE for details on purchasing tickets and other general information.


Hope to see you in November!




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