Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival, 2017

March 20, 2017


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017 was a huge hit, not only because of the great art, but also due to the fabulous weather. This was also a special year for me because it was the first (and hopefully not the last) time I was an official, “author” and got to sign books with the other members of our Fairhope Writer’s Group for our smash-hit, best-selling, #1 (with our moms) book of all time, The Original Fairhope Guidebook! Here I am with co-author Rosanne Gulisano who is obviously accustomed to all the star-treatment since she looks very chic and important in her cool shades. We had a good time signing books and people-watching.


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017And then look who showed up to sign books at the next table? My darling friend, Karyn Tunks! I first interviewed Karyn for my blog years ago when she wrote her first book, JUBILEE! and since then, we’ve become fast friends. It kind of creeps us out how much we have in common — but in a good sort of creepy way, you know? I’ve come to love her dearly, and only helped write this book so I could sit next to her! (there’s more of the “creepy” part, right?)



Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017And THEN . . . guess who stopped by to beg me for writing advice? None other than Rick Bragg. Okay, one of us was asking for advice, and I can’t remember which one of us it was, but don’t you think . . . oh, never mind. I was bothering the poor man to death as usual whenever I see him, but he is absolutely the nicest thing ever. Above, I’m clearly saying, “If I had my own book, I would give you a copy like this . . .” And he’s saying, “How does this woman always find me?”


Rick doesn’t carry his Pulitzer Prize around (By the way, is it a trophy, certificate or plaque? I need to clear my mantle, just in case), and always takes time for his crazy fans (me). He actually gave me some reassuring advice about a BIG PROJECT I have coming up that I can’t wait to tell you about! Hint: It rhymes with, “look.” Agghhh! I’ve said too much! My string of powerful attorneys tried to tape my mouth shut, but they forgot about the computer!



Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017Moving right along . . . here is another one of our Writer’s Group members, Bob Glennon with a lovely member of the Dogwood Trail Court. Poor thing, we stuck her in the bright sun, but she’s still gorgeous  . . . and has very good taste in books as well!


Christine Linson Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017Further down the street . . . local artist Christine Linson was painting outside her gallery and looked so cute in her beret, I had to snap a photo. I didn’t get any photos of the actual art in the show, because so many of the artists hate for you to take photos, and it gets to be a pain in the neck asking each one, explaining what I’m going to do with it, etc . . .  So, I just learned from my northern husband to say, “fahgetaboutit.” But Christine’s a local, and she’s cool with it, so enjoy.


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017I didn’t get to see the entire show Saturday, so Hubby and I returned Sunday after church and I caught up with more of the Dogwood Trail Maids. It’s so sweet, because these girls are the same age as my youngest son Joseph, and I remember when he was tiny and the “girls in the dresses” would stop and give him a hug. He loved it then . . . and even more now.


Leslie Anne Tarabella, Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival 2017Okay, I’m not taking sides, but I wanted everyone to see what goes on here YEAR ROUND. It isn’t football season? Says who?


Leslie Anne TarabellaAnd this is my treasure I came home with. Made by my sweet friend Wanda’s father, Al Eastridge from Opelika. (Find his Facebook page HERE and website with beautiful photos HERE) Al twists each wire into place to make the most intricate designs. I love bracelets but have such a scrawny delicate wrist, that it’s difficult to find smaller sizes. Al had sizes available for all princesses, so I was thrilled. This pattern is called, “Cupid’s arrow.”


What a fun year for the Festival. Everything looked great and I saw lots of people carrying home fabulous treasures. And as always, we can’t wait for all the artists to return again next year!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I would have gone all fan girl over Rick Bragg! He is one of my favorite writers. When I am asked for book recommendations “All Over But the Shouting” is always on the list. And when my southern Living comes in the mail each month, I turn to the back page first to read his article.

  2. So jealous! it looks like you had a blast hob nobbing with all the rich and famous! LOVE the bracelet!! The belle pics take me back, my daughter was a Vestavia Belle and had a pepto bismol pink dress which she HATED! What fabulous weather! Congrats on your book and secret project that rhymes with look ?

    1. Thanks Jenna. I didn’t know there were Belles of this type in Vestavia! I’ll have to check it out. Love those dresses. My prom dress kind of looked like that. Ha! What a hoot!

  3. Oh, looks like you you had a grand time at the arts and crafts festival. Congratulations on being an author and getting your book published, can’t wait to see what’s next. I think that is wonderful Leslie Anne. Great pics.
    Happy Spring…….

  4. Leslie Anne, it looks as if everyone had a grand time. You looked so cute in your hat, just like a Southern belle! I have met Rick Bragg a few times, and he is such a nice guy. His hometown is maybe twenty miles from where I live…he is often spotted around town! I have read all of his books, and it is my first read when Southern Living arrives! Congrats to you and can’t wait for your announcement that rhymes with “look”!

  5. With the absolutely perfect hat, of course you looked just like an author/artist so you can fill either role. Great photos. What a fun place to be.

  6. SO you think it’s creepy that even though we never met before 2012, we graduated from the same university, were members of the same sorority, both taught Kindergarten, agree that blocks are the ideal teaching tool, collect charms and neither of us can keep a bangle on our wrist? You’re right! That is kind of creepy! In the “cool” kind of creepy way, of course.

    And I think Rick Bragg appears to be taking your constructive criticism of his writing quite well!

    1. Hahaha! And you were tactful enough not to mention our “other” topics we also have in common (secrets are a sign of good friends!). And you forgot to mention we are both coincidentally ultra-cool moms with perfect children. Bahahaha!

  7. You look mah-velous, dah-ling, as always! I can’t wait to hear about your new book. I always said you were going places! I can then say, I knew her when…

  8. It always looks like fun goings on in Fairhope. You are just moving on up girl with the people you meet, but my favorite person you met this weekend is the t-shirt guy. People from other places just don’t get how it is in Alabama! I have to say I love his t-shirt.

  9. Leslie Anne… you look so darn cute in your hat!! Next year I want to see in the Dogwood Trail Court in one of those pretty dresses. You have entirely too much fun in Fairhope!! Enjoy your week.,

  10. Leslie Anne,
    I didn’t know you had written a book. I am so proud of you and I know that Bob and the boys are ecstatic. Looks like family would get a signed copy to put on their mantle to cherish. HA! Really, I’m not kidding. ?
    A gentleman that Lorry works with was there selling pottery that he makes. His name is Reagan Baker and his business name is Triple B. When he started his business 3 years ago, we bought some of his 1st pieces and Lorry told him then about the Arts and Crafts Festival. He called Lorry Monday to let him know that he won 1st place and is guaranteed a spot next year. Love and miss y’all❣️

    1. Hey Dana! Miss you so much! That’s fantastic news about Reagan! I think I remember seeing his booth. What an honor to be first place. I’m going to be sure and look for him next year. Y’all need to come for the Festival then! We’d have a great time. As for the book, this is one I co-wrote with eight other writers in town, and it’s been so much fun. Yes . . . you do need a copy! Thanks for the note, and hugs to the family.

  11. Let me be a bit shallow for a moment, I love you shorts…where did you purchase? Now that the important item is out of the way, I know I sound like a broken record, but Fairhope is such an amazing place. It seems there is something to do all the time. I am ready for some warm outdoor activities.

    1. Shallow? Why not at all! I got them at Tommy Bahama. I’m just sad you can’t see the cute shoes that I was wearing! hahaha!!! Come join the fun sometime soon!

  12. That Auburn shirt is hilarious! And your new bracelet is beautiful! I also have tiny wrists (the only part of me that is “petite”). I love bracelets, especially bangles but have a tough time finding ones that stay on my wrist. Maybe we should start a “Small Wrist Support Group” …

    1. There’s actually a company my friend Karyn (who also has tiny wrists) showed me. They specialize in smaller sized bracelets. It’s daintywristjewelry.com.

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