Fabled Brew (and other good food)

June 15, 2015


Happy Monday! I want to show you some of the interesting, delicious and fun places I’ve been to lately in Fairhope.

Fabled Brew Coffee Shop Fairhope AlabamaI have to confess, the newness and style of this building, along with the zippy-ness of Hwy.181 made me wonder if Fabled Brew could do well in this location. But when our blogger’s meeting was held there last week, it was the perfect, cozy spot to spend time with friends during a huge summer thunderstorm.


Fabled Brew in Fairhope Alabama Owners Jennifer Lindsay and Darryl Gonzales have created instant charm and coziness that will get even better with time. Fairhope Roasting Co. supplies the fresh ground coffee, and Fabled Brew puts their spin on specialized concoctions and food items you won’t find in your average coffee shop.

Coffee Shop, Fairhope Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co. Devil’s Brew and Seven Seas were featured the day we were there, but I opted for an espresso and something new . . .

Oublie in Fairhope Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co.

an “Oublie,” which is an unleavened waffle, rolled around delicious fillings and served with an organic dipping sauce. I had the popular Alabama Conecuh sausage version, but they also offer savory spinach and artichoke or fruit filled versions.Coffee Shop in Fairhope Alabama, Fairhope Supply Co.

On Saturdays, they make a popular sausage, egg and cheese Oublie. There’s also a drive- through window if you are like my friend Katie at Preppy Empty Nester who is always in a hurry to get to her job as a high-paid super-model.

Green Coffee Extract Fairhope Alabama - Fairhope Supply Co.

We also tried Fabled Brew’s new drink that’s a refreshing green coffee bean extract. All-natural, it’s almost fruity and so delicious!


Consignology, Fairhope AlabamaAnd speaking of super-models, after we savored our delicious breakfasts and solved the technical problems of the blogging world, we headed next door to my gorgeous dear friend Kathy’s upscale-resale shop for teens, “Consignology.” It’s loaded with designer duds for the male and female hard-to-please teenagers in your life.


Delicious coffee with friends and high-fashion all under one roof. Now that’s what I call time well-spent.


Cheese Straws at Page and Palette, Fairhope, ALLater in the week, I found this dish of my #1 favorite delicious cheese straws at Harrison Scott Key‘s reception  at Page and Palette. He was so funny, and I’m just now finishing his book, “The World’s Largest Man” which I highly recommend.

Harrison Scott Key, World's Largest Man, Fairhope Supply Co.

After Harrison autographed my book . . .


Fairhope Restaurant, Fairhope, AL, Fairhope Supply Co. my hot date and I took off down the street for a little anti-pasto and vino, since I was a good girl and didn’t stick my entire face down in the bowl of cheese straws – like has been known to happen in the past.


Harrison Scott Key, Fairhope, ALAnd Harrison, after having fallen under my charms, followed us to the restaurant where I was able to harass talk to him some more.


Rita's Frozen Custard, Fairhope, AL On the way home, we picked up a Blendini – half vanilla custard and half cotton candy– for our favorite 15 year old. Have you been to a Rita’s yet? It’s a good treat on a hot summer night.


If you’re in Fairhope, stop by Fabled Brew and give it a try. Read more about them at The Eat Beat blog.

  • Oh my, the Oublie sounds delicious. Count me in! I love the shout out to our friend and super model trophy wife, Katie. I’m thinking that she and I should take a road trip down to Fairhope to see you. We can grab a coffee and Oublie at Fabled Brew!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      We would have the best time ever! Tomorrow’s good for me!

  • First of all, I wanted to comment under the name “unknown.” Secondly, you are too darn funny!! Thirdly, if we lived in the same town we would be best friends with the bail bondsman. just sayin’….

    • Leslie Anne says:

      That’s some deep insight, and I think you are right!

  • I hate that I missed the fun and fashion at Fabled Brew!

    • Leslie Anne says:

      You were greatly missed, but it gave us a chance to talk about you!
      (hahaha! you know I’m just kidding). (maybe). (be there next month). (or we’ll do it again). (just kidding again).

  • Thanks for introducing me to these places. I will try them all.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      Isn’t it nice that even though Fairhope is a rather small town, we still have new places to try with a good variety?

  • You had a really great day! I’m sure you enjoyed meeting Harrison Scott and getting a nice autograph for your book. You were a good gal, I would have a made a meal off the cheese straws!
    Have a great week.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I’m dangerous around cheese straws!
      Good week to you too!

  • Leslie Anne says:

    New and different is good!

  • Sounds like a marvelous day filled with new foods and fun places.

    • Leslie Anne says:

      I’m not much of a sweets-for-breakfast kind of person, so the choices were great for me!

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