Elvis gets my stamp of approval

August 10, 2015


Elvis Forever Stamp, Fairhope Supply Co. BlogI know y’all have been busy shopping, cooking and decorating in preparation for the 2015 Elvis Week. Things around here have been crazy with all the company in town, parties and gift giving, and of course, the biggest event of the week is going to be Wednesday, when the United States Postal Service unveils the new Elvis Forever Stamp. I’m not wild about the photo they chose (above), but even on his worst day, the guy wasn’t so bad.

Elvis Presley, New Elvis Stamp, Fairhope Supply Co. blogIf they had asked me, I would have suggested this photo for the stamp. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lick the back of that head? (Oh deary, I can’t believe I just said that, forgive me and bless the pygmies in Africa, but come on . . .you know what I mean.) Anyway, no one licks stamps anymore with all the self-stick goo, so it doesn’t matter anyway.


I grew up listening to Elvis’ music when my Mom would put his records on the big console stereo and we’d clean house. It’s good moving-around music.

Elvis Presley stamp 1993, Fairhope Supply Co. This is the last Elvis stamp issued in 1993, the year my husband and I were married, and yes . . . we used Elvis stamps on some of the wedding invitations. Most people got flower stamps, but those who were cool Hound Dogs got the Elvis treatment. They were very formal engraved invitations, and Great Aunt Myrtle Mae was not pleased with the image of, “an immoral rock-n-roller” on the envelopes. She said she prayed for me that Wednesday night in prayer meeting.


Elvis Forever Stamp, #elvisforever, Fairhope Supply Co. blogFeaturing the most wildly popular Southern entertainer on another stamp is a great idea, and I’ll buy plenty to stick on Great Aunt Myrtle Mae’s Christmas cards for years to come.


Elvis is in the Manger, Leslie Anne Harrison, Fairhope Supply Co. Here’s a photo of Elvis talking with the Shepherd Boy from my story, Elvis is in the manger.


Fairhope Alabama Mardi Gras Elvis, Fairhope Supply Co. And you may remember Elvis in the pick-up truck from this past year’s Mardi Gras parade in Fairhope. I mean, we are so cool, Elvis shows up to join the fun.


This clip of Elvis still gives me chills. I had the TV tuned to American Idol the night it aired and wasn’t really paying attention, when all of the sudden, I heard “that” voice, and liked to have jerked a crick in my neck thinking Elvis himself had returned from Gloryland to sing with Celine Dion.


So, don’t let me keep you – run on out and get in line for your Elvis stamps. How many sheets will you buy, and what’s your favorite Elvis song?



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  1. I didn’t know. Thanks for the heads up I will buy a sheet of the new stamps, “suitable for framing . I’m not joking.

  2. Love me some Elvis! I didn’t know it was officially Elvis Week, …and yes, I’ll be in line to buy my stamps Wednesday! My husband and I toyed with renewing our vows for our 25th Anniversary in a few years at Graceland, ha! But I want to fly, and he wants to drive. If we can ever decide on the mode of transportation, we just may do it! We have a little over two years to come into agreement! 🙂 ~Rhonda

    1. Elvis week has become a pretty big deal, and the funny thing is that more and more younger people are participating. What other star is that timeless?

      I say go for the Graceland wedding renewal. Serve grilled peanut butter banana sandwiches and dance all night!

  3. Not sure how I missed the fact that there would be a new Elvis stamp, but yes I will definitely pick a a book of Elvis…and yes what a shame that we will not have a chance to lick the back of the head of Elvis.

    1. It greatly saddens me that the world isn’t tuned in to every little shake rattle and roll of Elvis. What’s happening to society?

      Good week to you to!

  4. Elvis was really cute like on that stamp selection before he got “perfected” for Hollywood with the nose job, etc. Did I ever tell you I briefly dated an Elvis Impersonator? (That was weird) Or that my son worked on that secret documentary by the Memphis Mafia that was so controversial it was suppressed by the estate for a long time and heavily edited when it did come out? His pictures, torn from movie mags (the forerunner of People and Us Weekly) were taped up all over my room when I was growing up. I will definitely be saving some stamps. And thanks for that clip — I had never seen it.

    1. Nose job?????? Are you kidding me? I never knew that and am not even sure I believe it! Wow.

      How cool you dated someone who looked like him. Hmm. All sorts of thoughts about that little bit of info. Didn’t the video give you the shivers?

  5. LOL Leslie Anne, I will join you in celebrating the new postage stamp of Elvis, I had no idea. Growing up I had a crush on him and of course bought all the 45’s! I still enjoy his music after all these years.
    Going to look at the clip now. Have a great week………..

    1. My Mother had to hide her records under her bed because my Grandfather didn’t allow nail polish or Elvis in the house.

      Happy Elvis week to you!

  6. We lived in Memphis for six years and were there for the 25th Anniversary of his death in 2002. What a party the city threw! Parades and dancing in the street with big screens of Elvis in concert. Hotels were booked from Nashville to Little Rock to accommodate all the people who showed up! We met people from all over the world who came to celebrate Elvis.

    1. That would have been amazing! I went to Graceland in 1993 or 94 and it was like nothing else. Memphis is a wonderful town.

  7. You’ve gotta love Elvis! My husband is a huge fan, and when he came to visit me at college he danced like Elvis at a bar one night and my California college buds were very impressed! Ha, I was horrified!! The stamp is hysterical!

    1. Yeah, to have a Southern guy show up and dance like Elvis in California may have been a little curious, but then again, it was the least he could do for those West Coast girls. You’re a lucky lady!

  8. Who can pick a favorite Elvis song…or photograph!? Douglas and I really have to get over to Graceland. And I’ll definitely be buying the new stamps of The King. It would be un-Southern not to 🙂

    1. I’m shocked to my shoes you haven’t been to Graceland. It’s a ritual pilgrimage you simply must do! My sweet Yankee husband even got teary eyed at the grave. I swannee!

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