You dropped the bomb on me, baby

May 18, 2017


My 17-year-old son Joseph, had cleaned the kitchen, taken out the trash and was finally sprawled across the furniture in the family room, arms and legs going every-which-way, while he played on his phone. My husband was out of town, and I busied myself here and there with all the mom-things. The TV was on, but we weren’t really watching, when a familiar emergency broadcasting test appeared on the screen. I didn’t pay any attention to it, because unless there’s a hurricane in the area, it’s just a routine occurrence.


But this time, something was different. The announcer sounded strange, so I stopped what I was doing and walked into the room to listen more closely.  I told my son, “They haven’t said this is a test.” Just then, the computerized voice said, “This is NOT a test.”


I quickly thought about the weather outside, which had been beautiful all day and the upcoming forecast was just as lovely.


The monotone voice continued, “This message has been issued by the United States Government for immediate release.” I drew closer to the TV set and held my breath.


“Moments ago, a nuclear bomb was launched at the United States of America . . . “


At that point, I didn’t hear much else, because I started planning . . . click HERE to finish reading the story at

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  1. I think I’d take that kid over my knee and paddle him, because that it is really heart-stopping! I have had these moments lately, too, ever since that little despot in NK has become a very real threat, when I wonder what WOULD we do? The answer is: I am not sure. Even if we didn’t get vaporized, is there really anywhere to run, to hide? We certainly couldn’t get very far, not out on Hwy 280. I suppose I would tell my loved ones how I feel about them, and carry on as long as possible before I couldn’t anymore. But this is a very thought-provoking premise, no doubt about it. I guess we have to trust that system the govt has in place to intercept the nukes. We have certainly given them enough tax money over the years so they could perfect it! Meantime, I think I shall sit here on my back porch in the twilight and smell the perfume of the gardenia.

    1. Gardenias are a cure for what ails us for certain! As for taking him over my knee, don’t think I didn’t think about it! He was so innocent, as if it were a knock-knock-joke! He had no idea of the seriousness and thought it was just another silly prank. My generation may be confused by it all, but he and his friends have no clue. To them, it’s just another video game! The good part was, he truly was sorry, and started to put it all together to see how serious it was. Back to gardenias. Ahhh. peace!

  2. Leslie Anne, why do our sons love to pull pranks? And yes, I am gullible. I am like you, how in the world do you live stream on your phone to the tv? That is beyond me. But we do live in a very serious world that needs our prayers daily!

  3. To think that an earlier generation would have had school kids hide under their desks!

    1. . . . and I would say a certain someone might oughta drop the MOAB on another certain someone. 😉

  4. omg!!! how could he do that to you after your recent heart problems!! Not funny, but I have to give him creative and high tech….

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