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June 19, 2014




Bloggers are funny (both “ha-ha”and “strange”) kinds of people. Highly intelligent and good-looking (that’s not my opinion, just relaying the message) but kind of on the silly side too.

So now, somewhere out in bloggaritaville, someone has decided to recreate the middle school version of a “slam-book” and send these questions around the internet so bloggers can “tag” each other and then they have to go through the process of answering these questions that no one really cares about. But here’s the catch . . . if you don’t participate, then you get labeled as the “stick in the mud” and you won’t be included in any more reindeer games. Since I’m also the spoilsport for chain-letters, I feel the need to work on my bad attitude and play along.

But the main reason I’m going to participate, is because one of my favorite Gulf Coast bloggers, Ron, from Uptown Acorn was the one who tagged me. If he’s going to be a good sport, then I need to buck-up and follow his lead. He’s such a good example in kindness.

So here it goes. Some things about me you never wanted to know. (and by the way, if I have to answer these questions, I expect all of you reading to pick one question and answer leave your answer in the comment section!)Samford University


1. Are you named after someone?


The official story is that they just liked the name Leslie Anne, but also the President of Samford University in Birmingham, where my parents met, was Leslie Wright, and they liked him too. When I was a baby, they took me to the campus and I crawled all over his desk. But when it was time for me to go to college, Samford had temporarily cancelled their football program, so I decided to seek other educational opportunities, since football is so important to a Southern girl’s education.


2. When was the last time you cried?

I can’t remember – not because it’s been so long, but because it’s all the time. National anthem. Parades. The NFL guys getting head injuries. Hymns at church. Running out of coffee. Babies at the Piggly Wiggly who are so ugly they’re cute. All of the above and much more.


3. Do you have kiddos?’

Let me use this opportunity to say, I hate the word “kiddos.” I even detest the word “kids,” although I sometimes use it. They are my children, offspring, sons, darlin’ lambs and chief irritants.

Two boys. One starting finishing college -OMG!!!! And one starting finishing high school – OMG!!!!! Both of them hilariously talented young men.


4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Yes. I’m a loyal friend and deeply value loyalty from others. Plus, I’m fun at a party and I’ll play with your kiddos.



5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Eating salty, crunchy snack foods while watching Lawrence Welk (not kidding) and Brit-coms: “Beautiful day! Completely conducive to contemplating charismatic country cottages!” (bonus points for knowing who said this).



6. Do you like handwriting?

I taught kindergarten, so I value perfectly straight printing abilities. Although I gave both kiddos penmanship lessons each summer, they still write like pigs, which I’ve now decided is a sign of a genius.


7. What’s your favorite cereal? 

Captain Crunch, did you write this silly question?


8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Somehow honesty and genuineness always shines through. Maybe through their eyes, smile or attitude, but a truly happy and nice person is always interesting.


9. What’s the color of your eyes?

My eyes are blue. I can use them to make children shudder and men fall to their knees.



10. Favorite TV show?

Hmmm. Hard one. I already mentioned Lawrence Welk. My husband thinks I’ve always looked like Samantha from Bewitched, so that’s fun to watch as she changes Darren into a toad. Watching Mad Men is a ritual. Breaking Bad was the scariest thing I’ve loved. The Middle is funny, but hits too close to home sometimes, and currently, I enjoy old episodes of Newhart on Netflix. That Bob Newhart was a hoot!


11. Summer or Winter?

These are the names of two of my son’s teenage friends. Are you asking me to choose? One is a sweetie, the other a tart.


12. Do you have any special talent?

I asked my husband and he said, “charm,” (but I sometimes use it for evil).


map_of_florala_al13. Where were you born?

Florala, Alabama. The hospital sat one block from the Florida state line. Hence, the name of the town, “FLOR” – “ALA.” (But it’s pronounced by locals as “Flor-Ella”) It’s a beautiful little town with a big lake and a state park. Times have been hard for Florala, but I think it’s coming back due to the nice people and beautiful location.


14.What are your hobbies?

I play the piano and flute. I used to paint and was exhibited at a few galleries, but I haven’t had time lately. I’ll get back to it someday.



15. Do you have any pets?

Well, everyone knows Lois Lane, my darling beagle, and you can click HERE to read about Doug, our adopted mutt.


16. Favorite Movie?

Well, well, well . . . I just happen to keep a list of these on my computer! And someone thought I was wasting my time writing them down! Ha!

Steel Magnolias, Babbette’s Feast, Amelie, Chocolat, When Harry Met Sally, Muriel’s Wedding, Grease, Enchanted, Gone With the Wind, Sound of Music, Forrest Gump, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, Toy Story 1,2,& 3, The Patriot, A League of Their Own, The Pursuit of Happyness, Independence Day, The Jerk, It’s a Wonderful Life and the Rodgers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella, featuring LESLIE ANNE Warren. (okay, she spells it differently, but for technical reasons, my computer has to spell it my way).

6776346-mIn my own little corner in my own little chair . . .



Thanks Ron, for tagging me, and thank you readers for sticking with this! I’ll be sure to pass it on to another lucky blogger who is game for big – big fun!

And now your turn. Pick a question, and let me hear your answer!



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