Donald Trump visits Alabama

August 24, 2015


Trump_in_Mobile_RMT20274I have my own personal opinions about politics, but I also like to listen to what others have to say. It’s fun to figure out why someone believes what they do. Where are they from? What is their career? What type of family do they have? It’s  interesting to understand why people are the way they are. I’m going to tell you about seeing Donald Trump, but I want you to know I’m not endorsing anyone.


Trump_in_Mobile_RMT20329Since I’m homeschooling my 10th grade son in American History, and a Presidential candidate showed up in our (close by) town (Mobile), we thought we may as well go hear what he had to say. Whether you like him or not, he’s definitely making history, and it’s important for us to pay attention.

Alabama has rearranged their primary schedule, so for the first time, the candidates have us on their radar. That’s why Donald Trump came to Mobile. A strategic location, because he also drew a large crowd from close-by Mississippi and Florida.



The first location proved to be too small to hold the crowd that flooded the web site wanting tickets, so they moved the event to Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Even with the chance of rain, and competing with opening night high school football, (which is huge around here), roughly 20,000 people showed up. Many stayed home when it was announced local TV stations would carry the event live. Since parking at the stadium was limited, people waited in LONG (almost 45 minutes) lines as shuttle buses took us to the stadium.


Trump paid for all the private busses instead of demanding city busses be used. He also paid for any overtime the city police or other employees had to put in to accommodate his appearance. That was a class act I don’t think any other candidate has ever done.


The crowd was what impressed me most. They were the nicest, calmest, happiest crowd you would ever want to see. No pushing, shoving, cursing or insulting anyone. There was of course talk about the other candidates, but everything stayed respectful. Southern hospitality at its best.


Trump_in_Mobile_RMT20271As for Donald Trump . . . I’ve long been a big fan of his for his business accomplishments. Politics, I’m still cautious.

After listening to the crowd, I think Trump’s popularity is strong because despite being crass, crude and offensive, people are thinking that’s the kind of leader we may not want, but we may need  . . . someone who isn’t afraid to tackle the big problems and stand firm, no matter what. Americans are tired of over-the-top political correctness, our innocent citizens being tortured and other countries taking advantage of our kindness. That’s why so many people are responding to Trump’s “kick-butt” attitude.


protester at Trump rally
One protester slipped onto the field, at least we think he was a protester. Poor guy couldn’t make his banner unfurl, so we’ll never know what his issues were.


I do think all Americans regardless of political party should be grateful Trump’s raising questions and changing the hum-drum predictable style of the elections. Stirring things up keeps the debates fresh and has made the other candidates in both parties address difficult problems.


Protester at Trump event, Fairhope Supply Co. blog
The Mobile Police department made a quick end to whatever it was he was trying to do.


Trump’s opening statement amidst the blaring strains of, “Sweet Home Alabama” was, “Now I know how Billy Graham must feel!”  Now . . . do you think he would have said that to a large crowd outside of the South? He was playing to the crowd, which on one hand is smart (everyone went crazy), but I was thinking, “thanks for the stereotype.” (but I really do love Billy Graham, so there’s your irony).  He also talked about how his favorite book was the Bible, and his second favorite was his book, “The Art of The Deal.”


Donald Trump prides himself in not having people write his speeches, but I think he could take a few pointers from a professional speaking coach. He was all over the place – immigration, taxes, military, veterans, then back again to immigration. Trump is quick-witted and had the crowd laughing more than any other politician I’ve ever heard.


Trump_in_Mobile_RMT20325Many things he said made perfect sense, like how those who have been crafting trade deals with other countries have no real-life experience with the business world and are making a mess of things.  Trump is entertaining, charming and confident. He would certainly be an interesting match for Russia’s Putin, who loves to see himself shirtless and wrestling bears.

Make America Great Again, Mobile AL, Fairhope Supply Co.

No matter where you stand politically, the truth is that Donald Trump is saying something that resonates with Americans. Everyone wants a leader who will say, “enough.” Will it be Donald Trump?

All I know, it was fun hearing him speak – and Jeb Bush will be in Pensacola soon. Will that be our second field trip for history class? Stay tuned . . .


What do you think about the candidates so far?


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  1. I do not know for whom I will vote. I agree that the thinking public is tired a everyone trying to be politically correct. I do not always agree with The Donald, but I do admire him for stating his opinion. The ability to do so is quickly disappearing from the landscape.

    1. Trump actually took the baseball cap off at one point and joked that if it started raining he would remove the hat and prove it was all his real hair. The funny thing was, when he took the cap off and had “hat head,” it actually looked GOOD! Kind of smooshed down and flat. You could tell it really was his hair!

  2. I agree with you Leslie Anne, we need to listen to what the guys have to say!! And lots of people thought Ronald Reagan would be a failure because he was not a career politician but he was perfect for the times!! I love the Bush family but I am not sure Jeb is the guy for the job but like you, my choice is still up for grabs! Thanks for sharing the Trump visit to Mobile with us!

    1. I agree. Ronald Reagan made some mistakes — they all have, but he brought people together and it wasn’t so divided back then. Plus, Nancy had snazzy china!

    1. Who is? And the other thing I was thinking was that if Billy Graham ever walked into a cheering stadium, he would have quickly given the credit to “The Big Guy” – and I don’t mean Trump!

  3. It was great to hear about this event first hand Leslie Anne! I was glued to the news coverage, but I really enjoyed hearing the details from an attendee~ that is so refreshing that Trump paid for the extras, bravo! I did see him take his hat off, and thought the very same thing! His hat hair looked good!!

    1. It’s always a little different in person, and HA! about the hair. Glad you caught that too! (Google a picture of his youngest son with Melania . . . he looks JUST LIKE his Dad. Same barber too!)

  4. All of this with Donald Trump has taken me a bit by surprise but I agree with you that we need to listen to what all of the candidates have to say. I’ll be interested to see what you think if you go to hear Jeb Bush. Spent a night in Fairhope and thought of you last night! I was headed home from Seaside and had to take a late leave in order to drop my son off at the airport so decided to stop halfway and rest (aka shop!) Loved your town as always!

    1. Oh, how I wish I would have known you were here. We could have grabbed a cup of coffee before you started home. Love your blog, and we’ll have to meet up another time.

  5. We ought to be able to talk about these things, share our views, without getting upset with each other and you wrote this in a nice way, actually being an example of Southern hospitality yourself. Good job!

    I think a lot of Americans are tired of business as usual and suspicious of politicians, maybe part of Mr. Trump’s draw and the others who are not professional politicians.

    It should be an interesting campaign, to say the least!

    1. Thanks for you nice comment, Dewena. You are absolutely right about this being an interesting race. Maybe that will get more people involved. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

  6. Good Evening!
    With all due respect, could we leave Mr. Graham out of this?
    The Donald came to Mobile, Al. Good for him, good for us!
    I would love nothing more than to see him elected President. Yes, he was all over the place, because where does one start with the mess this great country of ours is in??????????????????? He addresses the illegals, lest we forget, they are NOT all Hispanics! The border is a great place to start. Come to America, check into a hospital for free, give birth, and that child is an automatic citizen, I don’t think so. Any other country offering the free bees given here? I know not! Let’s get it together, charity begins at home, maybe Appalachia, people in the far West with no running water?? Shame on us, sending all the billions out of this country, with a very big need right here!!!!

  7. Was it just me or was there a big hush that came over the crowd when he brought up women’s health care issues? I think maybe he forgot who he was playing to at that moment. Of course he never called it what he meant. Pro-choice, Pro-abortion, Pro-Planned parenthood…. (I so wanted to yell out “Breast Cancer issues, YES, Abortion, NO”) Also, did anyone else notice that whatever statement that kid was trying to make, the best thing he got across was “This is how NOT to get shot by a cop.” He dropped his banner, put his hands in the air and went to his knees. kudos for that.

    1. I missed the health-care message. It was like rapid-fire opinions and policies flying at high speed, so if I glanced down to check my camera or over at the protestor, or whatever, I felt like I missed something. As for the protestor, I was hoping for a good old-fashioned chase scene around the field, but you are right, he dropped to his knees like a little girl praying for a pony!

  8. Wonderful post and an excellent opportunity to hear a candidate speak. Luckily we live in a country where we can form our own opinions and choose a candidate we think suits us best.

    1. But this year it’s like being in a giant New York City candy store – too many choices and not all are good for you!

  9. “A little girl praying for a pony…!” You’re so funny, I laughed out loud. Well, I’m surely hoping Donald Trump comes to Atlanta, as I’m a tad envious that you got to see him and I didn’t, lol. Thanks for the first-hand AND even-handed account. People are sick and tired of the P.C. police and for feeling that they have to apologize for everything nowadays!!!

    I was so disgusted hearing Martin O’Malley grovel for saying “all lives matter.” So whose lives don’t matter? What was wrong with saying that? Enemies of America must be rolling around laughing to see how pathetic our leaders act. That’s why people are cheering for The Donald. He’s the opposite of a namby-pamby. What America needs is Real Men.

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