Doll and Toy Show

April 3, 2015


Doll and Toy Show Fairhope AlabamaBefore I even start this post, let’s remember  . . . “to each, his own.” What one person thinks is grand may be questionable in another’s eyes. Or a different way I’ve heard it said, “Y’all leave her alone and just love her the way she is.”

Okay. Here we go . . .

Some people like dolls. I like dolls and still have mine stored away at my Mother’s house. Other people like to play with dolls, and I’m cool with that. Other people like to buy and sell dolls and that seems like it would be a fun hobby, but there’s one part of the doll world that reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George thinks a doll looks like his mother . . . EEK!


I attended the Eastern Shore Doll Study Club’s annual Doll and Toy Show a few weeks ago at the Fairhope Civic Center.

Doll and Toy Show Fairhope Alabama The annual show always has fascinating things to see and most of the items are available to purchase. There’s also a table where you can have your antique doll appraised.


Bride Dolls Fairhope AlabamaMy Mother has a collection of bride dolls I’m itching to use as decorations for a bridal shower, so I snapped this photo of these beautiful brides to show her. The one in the center against the wall was over $3,000! That’s more than my real wedding dress cost!


Fairhope Alabama Doll and Toy ShowI just loved this doll. So adorable. I think I related to her chopped off bangs.


Fairhope AlabamaThis is the kind of doll that you either love or  . . . not. I wouldn’t have minded it so much, but there was a woman who was holding one like this and cooing, patting and swaying with it excessively, to the point of  . . . hummm. “Don’t you think she looks real? Aren’t you precious? Yes you are! Yessy-wessy you are!

What did I tell you? We love her the way she is. *BHH.


Liddle Kiddles Fairhope AlabamaBut now these Liddle Kiddles are AWESOME! (love me the way I am). I played with these as a little girl and still have a few at my parent’s house. I also found out the Donald Duck Liddle Kiddle I STILL HAVE is worth a small fortune! Yippee! (small).


Southern Belle AlabamaAnd this . . . is what I call a doll. It’s a replica of what I looked like at my senior prom, except picture blue. I look sickly in yellow. There were also a ton of Barbies of every kind you can imagine.


Fairhope Alabama Doll ShowThese international dolls were drawing a big crowd.


Kewpie Dolls Fairhope AlabamaAnd although I never had a Kewpie Doll, I had a son who looked just like this when he was a baby. He’ll be so happy I told you that.

See? The Doll and Toy Show always has something for everyone!

*Bless Her Heart.


Sharing this show with the fabulous: Dwellings and Coastal Charm.

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