Do you know Knoxville?

June 3, 2015



tennessee-sign-532x291Our loss is Tennessee’s gain.



You may remember my good friend, Danielle – the one in the Santa dress from the Knights and Knighties party. She and her husband Brandon have gone and broken our hearts by taking a job in Knoxville, Tennessee.


After raising our boys together for the last 15 years, making hummus for 400 people, babysitting kids, dogs and lizards, resulting in only one trip to the hospital, they’re now off on an adventure away from Fairhope. (The hospital thing was on my watch  . . . oops!)


Here are the ladies when we all got together last week with our husbands for a farewell party. Always loving to dress in theme, I wore orange and white to acclimate Danielle to all the University of Tennessee fans she’s sure to meet. Danielle is in the cutie-pie red dress. Except for time away for college in Auburn, she has always and forever lived in Fairhope.


8422_749 Okay, I think the International Biscuit Festival may be reason enough to relocate. 

Years ago, when they were 10 years old, our two oldest boys wanted to walk downtown by themselves. I know it sounds crazy, but Fairhope’s a different kind of place where you can do that, and these two kids were as trustworthy as they come. The boys were very excited, and had no idea that even though it’s a safe place, and we knew they would be fine, I was still following them in my car, talking to Danielle on the phone the entire time. “They’re coming to the light. They’re looking both ways. Okay – now they’re on the other side headed to the toy store . . .” 


goodbye frameEveryone at the party signed a photo frame D & B can put in their new home. With a college, high school and middle school student still in tow, this fun couple will be thrown right into school and civic activities, so I’m sure they’ll make lots of new friends.


So, are any of you familiar with Knoxville? What should they do for fun? Anything they should avoid? I remember going there years and years ago and found it to be gorgeous. I love that part of Tennessee, especially in the fall.

KnightsKnighties14-22-2Good luck, and God bless my sweet friends.


I’ll be eager to hear if you’ve ever been to Knoxville and what you can recommend!


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