Dear Kay Ivey, if you love us, be loyal

April 23, 2017


Although this story deals with the sting of disloyal politicians in Alabama, it’s true just about everywhere.

Loyalty means everything to a Southerner. That’s why we’ve been crushed by the behavior of former Governor Robert Bentley. Not so much with his personal infidelities, that’s his private business. Instead, we were ticked-off by the fact he used our resources to cover his transgressions, then looked us in the eyes and told a fib. Bentley broke the unspoken rule of the South . . . thou shalt be loyal to your people.

Loosely defined, “your people,” means; blood related kin-folk, neighbors, church members, the book club, the hunting lodge, the Junior League, and everyone else who lives in the entire state. With all these folks, we dare defend our rights. We are united in our desire to be treated with respect, honor and loyalty.

Bentley broke our hearts and is now realizing that hell hath no fury like a scorned Southerner. We feel used and tricked, because if there’s anyone who should take care of the people, it’s their Governor.

When jilted by a sweetheart, some want to drown their sorrows in a gallon of cookie-dough ice cream while others want to literally follow Carrie Underwood’s advice, and “take a Louisville slugger to both headlights.” Either way, we’re still . . .

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