Cozy Telegraph Cottage

July 23, 2013


Cozy cottage in Alabama - Leslie Anne Tarabella bog.
This warm cottage was originally the telegraph office in Loxley, Alabama. It was built in the early 1900’s and used until sometime in the 1930’s. Several decades later, the Corte family saved the building by using it on their property as an office for their large Baldwin County farm.
Cozy remade telegraph office is now a cottage used as a schoolhouse. Find on Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.
Back door view. These photos were taken on several different visits to the McMahon’s home. Can you spot the changes that take place?
In 1995, The McMahon family, which I wrote about last week (click here), moved the building to their property to use as a schoolhouse for their seven incredibly talented homeschooled children. It now sits nestled among trees on the edge of their property.
Equipped with a blackboard and desks, many happy memories were made within the old building.
But now there are only two children left for classes, and clever Pam MacMahon has moved school lessons to the main house and once again reinvented the old telegraph office into a charming guest cottage.
Cozy Alabama cottage - Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.
This is the front door to the two room cottage. The beautiful floors are original and were constructed from Alabama yellow pine. It’s all so comfortable and casual, I didn’t even let Pam straighten the rugs before I snapped this photo.  I love it just the way it is.
The lived – in look never looked better.
Charming cottage in Alabama. Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.
One old chalkboard still hangs on the wall and is the perfect backdrop to the decorative cottage touches.  Pam painted the sideboard and if you look carefully, you will see the pretty monograms. She also made the octopus pillow and flowing white curtains. I love the extra tall rustic shutter against the wall.
Charming cottage made from the former telegraph office in Loxley Alabama. On Leslie Anne
The cozy L-shaped daybed in the front room is casually tossed with beautiful vintage linens. I’m guessing it’s a popular get-away (sneak away!) for the busy Mom! A few of the McMahon’s older children have used this cottage as an apartment before they left home for adventures in the big world.
Cozy cottage
The back room has been updated to hold a small kitchenette and dining area. To the right of this photo is a former storage area where you can still see the original telegraph wiring on the walls, that is now a bathroom.
Cozy schoolhouse cottage.
The back door sports a real school bell.
Laura Ingalls Wilder, eat your heart out!

Cozy cottage made from the old telegraph office in Loxley Alabama. Leslie Anne Tarabella blog.

Another historic building rescued and used for years of happy memories.
And with grandchildren starting to appear, I’m sure there will be many more years of fun ahead for this charming cottage. Can you say, “World’s Best Playhouse?”
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