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June 16, 2016




I have a big 75th anniversary family reunion coming up in a few weeks, so I’ve been interested in family trees and genealogy again. I have a lovely cousin here in Fairhope that I never get to see enough, but I’ve been going back and forth as to whether we are “first cousins once removed” or “second cousins.” According to this chart, we’d be 2nd.


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You may remember from a previous story (HERE) that I discoverd I’m a cousin to Katherine Hepburn and I felt slighted I didn’t inherit her beautiful house. I’ll use this chart to plug in the info, but I think she and I would be at least 4th cousins — 3x removed . . . maybe more. Oh the pillow fights we could have had at Granny’s house if we’d only known!

9866241Here’s another chart that organizes it in a different way that may be easier to follow. It looks like something my high schooler would find on the ACT.

My father has 62 first cousins, so we’ve always had a big extended family around. By contrast, my husband’s parents are both only children so he has no first cousins and no aunts and uncles. His first year at our family reunion was like a scene from the Southern version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”



Do you have family reunions with lots and lots of cousins?


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