Cool temps, cool films, cool people

November 11, 2016


Oh what a night! If the opening soirée was any indication, this year’s Fairhope Film Festival will be a huge success.



The temperatures were (finally) cool and crisp and everyone was ready to blow off steam after the tense election. No matter which side you were on, I think we’re all glad the campaigning is over. Mixing with other film lovers and discussing the upcoming schedule of films in Fairhope was a welcomed break to the heavy political season. Above on the left is our talented photographer friend Stephen Savage with my darling Bob.




The opening night party took over the jazzed-up parking lot of Regions Bank, who graciously sponsored the event, and in a stroke of luck, has a smooth white wall on the side of their building, just perfect for displaying the stunning French film, “Seasons” that kept us all spellbound. I never knew foxes and horses and wolves could be so beautiful. And how did they ever get those shots?



Kind of a blurry, photo, but here I am with one of the most enchanting readers of this blog I’ve ever met. Savan is fascinating, having grown up and taught college in Mississippi, then gone on a grand adventure of teaching in Italy. My husband and I loved talking to her and can’t wait to see her again. I keep telling you, the most fascinating people are right here in Fairhope!


party-5And speaking of fascinating . . . in the middle of this group, is celebrity guest Michael O’Neill and his lovely wife. Michael is in town to host a discussion later today, Friday November 11th from 6:30 – 7:30pm at The Book Cellar, where he will discuss his career in film. The Alabama native has appeared in three Best Picture nominated films including Traffic, Seabiscuit and Dallas Buyers Club. His work on many other films and TV shows are numerous, so be sure to beat a path over to hear him if you’re in the area. You’ll need a ticket to get in to the event, so click HERE for information.


party-2No party is complete without good food, and this is only a portion of the delicious food that was provided by the popular restaurant Andree’s. It was delicious, and for some reason tasted even better outside beneath the stars. Nighttime picnic. What total fun!


Okay . . . this is just the kick-off. It’s not too late to jump in and get involved in the fun this weekend. If you’ve been wanting to visit Fairhope, this is the weekend to do it. Cool temperatures, cool films and cool people all mixing it up around town. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have, so come on down!


If you are shopping downtown, you’ll also find a neat surprise. Many of the businesses have decorated their windows with movie-themed displays. It makes it even more fun when the entire town gets involved!



Click HERE for all the details and HERE to read my previous post on this year’s film selections.


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