Converse All Stars are BIG

March 23, 2016


Red Converse All Stars Oxford - Rack Room Shoes
Last week, I told you about my friend Fancy Faye going crazy over her new Rack Room Shoes in Gulfport, Mississippi. I mentioned my pair of red Converse All-Stars, and after that, I got lots of email (and comments in the Post Office) from people telling me how much they loved their Converse sneakers as well. Of course, I’ve always called them “tinney” shoes, and never knew that wasn’t what everyone else called them as well. Go figure.


I did a little research and discovered . . .

USAbasketball in Converse All StarsOriginally introduced in 1917, Chuck Taylors were worn by the first USA Men’s Basketball Team in 1936 – they won!


Dennis the Menace in Converse All StarsConverse All-Stars were the preferred shoe for Dennis the Menace, which explains why my boys liked them so much.

Converse All Star in Pink. Very sporty and ladylike too!With all this hub-bub about the All-Stars, Fancy Faye told me she bought herself the pink version at Rack Room, but is saving them to wear to an Easter egg hunt later this weekend. (See why I love her? Planning your outfit ahead of time for egg hunts = my greatest admiration).

Rack Room Shoes in Gulfport, MS. - #iamrackroomShe said the new Gulfport store that is now open was **amazing** with the most helpful staff she’s ever seen.


Rack Room Shoes

Fancy Faye’s middle daughter chose cute rope sandals on the left, her youngest found sweet little white Mary Janes for Easter Sunday, and the teenager went for the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 11, which I had no idea what it even was, but it somehow helps her run better. What’s wrong with Chuck Taylors?

Rack Room Shoes

Some of their boots were even on sale, and I mean INCREDIBLE sale! And by the way, even if you don’t have a Rack Room near you, there’s always the invention of the internet. Click HERE to order on-line!
Rack Room Shoes, Gulfport MSThere are specials going on all month to celebrate the new store, so if you are in the area of Gulfport, swing on by and give it a look. And hurry, before Fancy Faye and her gang of girls clears it out!



I gathered some facts on Converse from this story on: Complex

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