Come Sit a Spell

October 10, 2013


Come sit a “spell” and tell me “witch” thing you like best about this time of year!

I learned long ago not to plan on a warm fuzzy Halloween costume in the South. The weather can be cool or hot. You never know. And that fuzzy puppy costume could result in a fainting spell.

Better to attend the party as a chic, sleek, cool witch.

Cackle-cackle-hee-hee, y’all.

What’s your favorite costume memory?

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  1. We didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was a kid because it was too closely associated with devils and witches. This outfit would be my pick for my Halloween debut! Love the hat.

  2. Well, I was the “mad nurse” at the Jaycee haunted house with black lights strobing through the room. The room in which were were set up to “scare” everyone that walked through in the old house was set up as a hospital room. We were “performing surgery ” 🙂 on a bloody patient. Need I say more?

  3. Ny favorites were the homemade costumes, and I adored being Little Red Riding Hood! But my favorites that I made my boys were Robin Hood, a robot and bullfighter, most made without sewing a stitch!

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