Come see me (and Winston) at Barnes and Noble!

December 5, 2018


Saturday December 8, 2018, 2pm-4pm, Barnes and Noble, Spanish Fort/ Eastern Shore Center


Seriously, sit down for this. I’m having a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Spanish Fort at the Eastern Shore Center this coming Saturday, and get this . . . it’s with Winston Groom!

I think what happened is Winston Groom agreed to sign his book and they told him, “Leslie Anne Tarabella is also going to be there that day.” And the wildly popular author of many historical novels as well as a little tale about a guy named FORREST GUMP, probably thought, “Why are they telling me who the cleaning lady is that day?”

Here I am when I met Winston Groom once at one of his book signings several years ago. I had just started writing for our small local papers then.

Or maybe he thought, “Hey, if I’m doing a book signing, maybe I can arrange to be there the same day as Leslie Anne because I can’t get enough of that Majorettes are Back in Town book!”

And here it is . . . on the shelf at Barnes and Noble!



Here are some of the snuggly things to help you curl up with a good book on a cold day. Barnes and Noble has everything a book-lover needs.


Anyway, it’s going to be so much fun and I want everyone in town to be there. Even if you already have my book and every one of Winston’s books, there are great gifts to be found in this store. I ran by there today to finalize a few things and ended up staying and shopping for another 45 minutes.

It will also be Educator Day and the store is giving special discounts and treats to teachers. You have to do the teacher finger-snap and glare to prove you indeed have classroom experience.


I’ll be there from 2pm to 4pm and I think Winston will wander in . .  whenever he wants, but officially at 3pm. He’s nice to let me get a head start that way.


A previous Christmas Parade, hosting from the balcony of Page and Palette Bookstore with WABF’s Mark Swalley.

Friday night, I’ll be hosting WABF radio 1480AM broadcast of the Fairhope Christmas Parade, so if you can’t make it downtown, tune in (you can listen through your computer) and hear all the fun. Click HERE for their site.

***Severe weather is expected Friday night, so stay tuned to WABF 1480AM for any possible changes. I’ll be there no matter when the parade rolls! 



  • arlene cocke says:

    Say, silly Lady! You really are not surprised to see your book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble are you??? It is in a place of Honor as it should be! I purchased your book and will be there to have you’re autograph and make it a bit more special to me!
    You and Mr. Groom a couple of local stars, both on the same day! Wow!!!
    I hope the excitement will not be too much for my old heart!!!
    Sincerely, Arlene C.

    • How nice of you Arlene! I’ll be glad to see you and sign your book. It’s going to be rainy, but I’ll be there!

  • Still holding out hope you will magically appear in MY B&N!!!
    We are hunkering down for snow and ice here in Clemson. Stay warm and be safe!

    • Being in sand and surf, I’d love a little holiday snow! Be careful, and I’m working with my publisher to arrange a few more appearances at Barnes and Noble stores all over tarnation! Stay warm and toasty this weekend!

  • Rachel Bowen says:

    How exciting!! Wish I could be there. Last time we were in Savannah, we ate at Debi’s Restaurant that was featured in the Forrest Gump movie. That’s as close as we’ve come to Winston, lol. He’s lucky to be sharing the stage with you 🙂

  • Wow.. Soooo happy for this event !
    Fairhope ‘s pocket of creativity continues ….!

    • — Says the lady who holds the creativity key to the city! Thanks Gigi!

  • I thought of you yesterday. Lindsay, Tucker and I came to Fairhope for our annual Christmas shopping day. I even bought a cute little manger set in Page and Palette for my Tucker. Such a cute little town. The flowers always get me. I just walk around looking at the pretty in the beds.
    The picture of your grandmother was perfect. Old photos always catch my eye.
    Have a great weekend.

    • I’m so glad you had a fun time here in Fairhope! I wish I could have met you. I spent most of the day running errands or cleaning house. Sipping a cup of coffee at Page and Palette would have bee much more fun! Happy shopping!

  • savan Wilson says:

    Sure wish I would be in town that day as my favorite wish for double book signing ! I love both of your books in different ways and that it is brilliant that Fairhope is so represented as a “Writer’s Colony”.

    • Thanks Savan. It would be great to have you here. I’m just happy to be linked to Winston Groom – if only by geography!

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