Color of the Year 2014

April 3, 2014


0312_color-blueroom3-lLast year, I told you about Coastal Living Magazine’s big announcement that “Sea Glass” was their color of the year. (click here for the story) It was huge. News stations swarmed the Crayola headquarters for minute by minute updates. Paint stores were depleted of Sea Glass and those who couldn’t find a can of Sea Glass were crushed, shamed and ridiculed by those who pridefully painted their kitchen chairs, picture frames and bathroom walls trendy Sea Glass.

splashing-around-lMoving on to this year, anticipation has been running at an all time high. How could Coastal Living possibly top Sea Glass? What could ever be better than that soft greenish-blueish-oceany color? Perhaps something to counter the softness? Something bright and bold? Something daring and powerful?

And then, Coastal Living made the long awaited announcement.

The all-new, color of the year 2014 is . . .


The scandal and thrill of it all. No one around here can talk about anything else.


I don’t know how to deal with such monumental change.

I’m already bracing myself for next year.


Who knows what they’ll think of next. Aqua? Teal?

The innovation is mind blowing!


All these beautiful coastal images can be found with much more detail at one of my favorite magazines, Coastal Living.  Click here for the riveting story. I’ll be busy repainting all my Sea Glass to Turquoise so you won’t laugh at me.

 What’s your official color of 2014?

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  1. Well! It is about time fashion caught up with me. (Humppppp!) Two years ago I painted my doors and shutters Turquoise. Here I have been feeling unappreciated and they had to travel to Tennessee to get updated
    Just joking with you. I have loved this color and all its variations for years. Glad to see it still has a zing after a couple of years of being popular. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  2. Ok, I am so ahead of them, turquoise was my color of the year last year! 🙂 However I do love sea glass, and aqua, and pink, and yellow, and lime and peach and salmon….

  3. I want that screen door on the garden shed…Turquoise or Sea Glass or any other color will be fine and dandy!

  4. Turquoise has been a favorite with me for so many years I can’t remember. Seven years ago when we moved into this house, I painted my front door and the powder room vanity turquoise. I have three rooms the approximate color of sea glass, and several pieces of chalk painted furniture in that range. There are also three little Louis chairs that color. Hmmm…. I was ahead of the curve?

  5. It’s because of your post last year that we chose to repaint our house in an aqua/sea glass/turquoise-like color. I’m glad we remain on trend, somewhat. 🙂

    1. I’ve seen your house, and it looks fabulous! I’ll help you repaint next year when they declare orange or green is the new “it” color!

  6. I have a passion for Turquoise. And it pairs very well w chocolate brown. Doing my bedroom in these colors and doing chocolate walls.

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