Clark Kent

August 19, 2021


If you've been reading my column for a while, you'll remember my beloved Beagle, Lois Lane. We lost her last August on her 15th birthday and I was heartbroken. 

Lois Lane — the best Beagle ever.

In no way did I ever want another puppy. We still had Doug, who was Lois' old friend and even though he was lonely, he was settled, well trained, and a good dog. 

But my husband Bob said, "Doug is lonely. He needs a puppy." And the next thing I knew . . .  

Click to play

His name is Clark Kent (of course) and he's an English Foxhound. He looks like a Beagle now. He's only nine weeks old and 12 pounds, but soon, he'll be around 70 pounds. 

Nothing much has changed, 

Even with hair bows and ruffles, I usually ended up with dirty feet and puppies crawling all over the place. But look how happy I was! 

So far, Clark is a sweet boy and very smart. He brings us the water dish when it's low, just like Snoopy. Doug is tolerating him and occasionally frolics. During the long lock-down/slow-down of society, I guess it's a good time to get a puppy. 

And get this . . . Clark goes out in the yard and sits on top of Lois Lane's grave. — No lie. Very eerie. 

 Bob and his dog Clark.

But every person who tells me how cute he is automatically gets signed up to dog-sit once we can travel again! 

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    1. Top of the list! But really now, what was Bob thinking? Getting someone to watch your dog is harder than finding someone to watch your children! I see big boarding fees in our future.

    1. Thanks Jenna. After Lois Lane, Clark Kent was a natural. The hard clicking “C” sound gets his attention and he learned his name right away!

  1. I’ll say it – he’s cute. But don’t bring him to my house! I had a dog similar to this and loved him when I was a kid.

    1. Thanks Pam. I like to think it would make my Lois Lane happy to have a Clark Kent follow her!

  2. That face, those eyes! There is no way to resist! My veterinarian friend told us when our beloved Rigel died, he (Rigel) would send us the perfect dog. I think Lois Lane did that for you.

    1. If that’s true, then Lois is laughing right now because he’s only 90% house trained. “See? It’s not just me!” she’s saying!

  3. He is adorable! Start boarding him young so he gets used to it – look now to fine the “perfect” dog spa for your new baby boy!

    1. “Dog Spa!” That takes the guilt right out of it, and for what they charge, it should be a spa! Thanks, and great idea.

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