Clark Kent

August 19, 2021


If you've been reading my column for a while, you'll remember my beloved Beagle, Lois Lane. We lost her last August on her 15th birthday and I was heartbroken. 

Lois Lane — the best Beagle ever.

In no way did I ever want another puppy. We still had Doug, who was Lois' old friend and even though he was lonely, he was settled, well trained, and a good dog. 

But my husband Bob said, "Doug is lonely. He needs a puppy." And the next thing I knew . . .  

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His name is Clark Kent (of course) and he's an English Foxhound. He looks like a Beagle now. He's only nine weeks old and 12 pounds, but soon, he'll be around 70 pounds. 

Nothing much has changed, 

Even with hair bows and ruffles, I usually ended up with dirty feet and puppies crawling all over the place. But look how happy I was! 

So far, Clark is a sweet boy and very smart. He brings us the water dish when it's low, just like Snoopy. Doug is tolerating him and occasionally frolics. During the long lock-down/slow-down of society, I guess it's a good time to get a puppy. 

And get this . . . Clark goes out in the yard and sits on top of Lois Lane's grave. — No lie. Very eerie. 

 Bob and his dog Clark.

But every person who tells me how cute he is automatically gets signed up to dog-sit once we can travel again! 

  • Carol Willis says:

    “Woof. Woof!” From my Shih Tzu. Atticus Finch. ?

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Arf! Back to you, Atticus!

  • janeinbama says:

    He is adorable! Start boarding him young so he gets used to it – look now to fine the “perfect” dog spa for your new baby boy!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      “Dog Spa!” That takes the guilt right out of it, and for what they charge, it should be a spa! Thanks, and great idea.

  • Roxanne Bernard says:

    That face, those eyes! There is no way to resist! My veterinarian friend told us when our beloved Rigel died, he (Rigel) would send us the perfect dog. I think Lois Lane did that for you.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      If that’s true, then Lois is laughing right now because he’s only 90% house trained. “See? It’s not just me!” she’s saying!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thanks Pam. I like to think it would make my Lois Lane happy to have a Clark Kent follow her!

  • I’ll say it – he’s cute. But don’t bring him to my house! I had a dog similar to this and loved him when I was a kid.

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Hounds are my favorite!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Thanks Jenna. After Lois Lane, Clark Kent was a natural. The hard clicking “C” sound gets his attention and he learned his name right away!

  • Oh he is so cute and I will dog sit for sure!

    • Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

      Top of the list! But really now, what was Bob thinking? Getting someone to watch your dog is harder than finding someone to watch your children! I see big boarding fees in our future.

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