Cindy blew my story away

June 26, 2017


Topical storm Cindy didn’t just dump huge amounts of rain on us last week, she also pulled the plug on my article for yesterday’s papers (Sunday). Well ahead of the storm, I had submitted a story about swimming in the Gulf when I was a teenager, and how sometimes it was very rough water. In light of the horrible death of the little boy in Gulf Shores, I decided to withhold the story for another time. I didn’t want to seem insensitive, and people don’t understand I have to submit the work a week in advance. I would have looked like a jerk, not a mom who was heartbroken for that family.


Anyway . . . I was locked inside while it stormed, writing up a storm of my own. (I came back and deleted an entire paragraph here about the book  . . . sigh). . It’s such an interesting process. Just pray, please.  I have an adorable cover for the book I can’t wait to show you!


There was no significant storm damage to our area in Fairhope, other than having part of our seawall washed out. (click HERE for more info.). We’re all taking turns sticking our finger in it to hold it up until help arrives.

Thanks to all of you who sent me a note because you missed my column in the paper. I appreciate you worrying about me! Feel free to call the paper anytime and ask where I am!


Be patient. Things will be slow here for a while. Getting this book finished has cured me of ever wanting to write another thing again!


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