Christmas in the South

December 1, 2014


cotton field in Baldwin County Alabama

So, we’ve no snow. Just fields of white cotton.

Christmas seashells
Seashells and glitter give us a feel of sparkling ice crystals.

Of course, living in the South, we have to take precautions with our decorations. Oh, how we love to spray paint everything and glitter the Charles Dickens out of it. But first . . . take care of those pesky bugs!



A balmy walk on the beach is often part of our Christmas day traditions.


We hang seashells on our trees

And use lots of magnolia and pine in our natural decorations.



Every now and then, you can find us decorating our Christmas trees while wearing shorts. The heat doesn’t mind the calendar at all.


Santa wears short sleeves and Rudolph eats grits. (At least that’s what we were told).


Starfish cinnamon stick napkin rings

We decorate with what we have on hand. Cotton, dried flowers, grapevine wreaths, and yes . . . I’ve put dried okra pods on my Christmas tree, and yes . . . it was lovely. I promise. I’ll have to dig up a photo to prove it to you.


Coastal Christmas PillowWhen we saw Santa in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly on December 18th, it was easy to explain to the children he was taking a little vacation before his big night of traveling around the world. It made perfect sense to the kiddies. Why wouldn’t Santa want to come down South to relax? It’s a great place to recharge!



To see many more great ideas, stories, and projects and recipes that reflect a beautiful and magical Christmas in the South, click over to my Christmas in the South Pinterest Page. And of course, Happy decorating, y’all.


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