Christmas prep

December 17, 2018


Christmas party ham . . . in the pan, not the red shoes! Of course, after spinning around the kitchen, I completed dressing with the addition of pearls  —  I’m not a savage, you know.  It was a lovely evening with the nicest people. I’m cherishing nice people this year more than ever!

Christmas is on the way, and I’m getting ready for both big boys to come home and the festivities to begin! Here I am with Mark Swalley from WABF AM1480 announcing the Fairhope Christmas Parade from the balcony of Page and Palette Bookstore. It was cold and sparkly and everyone was in a happy holiday mood. We love our city! 

Lois Lane loves her Christmas outfit.
A little peppermint cake I whipped up with little Christmas trees made from upside down ice cream cones. Crushing peppermints with a big hammer keeps the stress away and keeps me off Santa’s naughty list. Remember, choking people is only for bad elves. Even if they crowd you with a runny nosed kid at the register. (Excuse me, I need to get here just a second so I can pay). “WHAT?” – SNEEZE!!! 

 Hanging out with sweet well behaved children at Christmas is just the best thing ever! We had a hot chocolate and cookie party (with an ice bucket on hand because the mom in me doesn’t want it to be too hot!) We are serving about 25 children each week. Three of our children from this summer’s Pop-up Vacation Bible School showed up in the children’s choir at one of our volunteer’s churches at Christmas! She burst into tears of joy when she saw them, snapped a photo, sent it to me, and I did the same! 

We pulled out the Christmas crafts and made cards, bracelets, and everything else we could think of. Just like Santa’s workshop. 

I had an indoor rainy/cold day picnic at The Book Cellar with my favorite children’s author and friend, Karyn Tunks. The Book Cellar has beverages but no food, so Karyn and I both showed up with snacks. Great moms think alike — and walk around with ziplock bags full of crackers! Don’t forget – her new book, “Mardi Gras in Alabama” makes a great children’s gift! 
More festivities, concerts, dinners, friends and family for this next week, then  . . . a beautiful Christmas followed by lots of rest. (I hope).
What are you doing to prepare? 
Wishing you lots of joy and love for your celebrations! 

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  1. Oh don’t you look like June Clever so adorable in your lovely kitchen. A book cover for sure (love the shoes) on your next one! Your December sounds perfect, enjoy the entire month. I know you can’t wait for the boys to be home. Love little LL……..she’s a cutie as well.

  2. I agree with Emily, your top photo is your next book cover! Sounds like your Christmas festivities are perfect and even more so when your boys arrive! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thanks Pam. When the boys get home everything looks like a wreck, so we entertained as much as we could before it all came crashing in on us! Merry Christmas to you!

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