Checking in

January 13, 2017


Hi everyone! I’m still touring Italy and haven’t had the best internet connection at our last few stops, but wanted  to share a few photos with you while I can. Right now, I’m sitting in a charming (what other kind do they have?) cafe’ having coffee, cream filled croissant, fresh squeezed OJ from local oranges, and listening to . . . Ray Charles sing, “Georgia on my Mind.”


We’ve toured what feels like, every inch of Northern Italy.


Starting in Rome, then on to Florence.


Celebrating Epiphany, then on to Siena, Montepulciano, Seravezza (where we met Mayor Tarabella — more on that later!), Forte dei Marmi, Pisa, Pietrasanta, then back to Florence.


Right at this moment, there’s a huge protest going past the doors of the cafe’. Waving flags and blowing whistles, they are protesting some sort of worker’s rights. The locals aren’t even paying any attention, so I think this must happen frequently. They keep telling me, “It’s a manifestation.” I have no idea what they mean. Of course, the internet isn’t letting me show you pictures of it, but it’s all quite interesting.


We’ll be back in Sweet Home Alabama soon, and I’ll be sure to send a few more photos and get back to blogging as usual. Thanks for coming along on the journey, and arrivaderci!


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