Charming Coops and Crops

August 8, 2013


If you remember the McMahon’s lovely home (click here) you won’t be surprised to find that their chicken coop is just as charming as the house. A chair for sitting and visiting the rare birds, hanging plants, rugs, and climbing vines all give the chicks a lush habitat.

The white Turkey leads the way around his landscaped yard.
At an inside conference, the fowls met to decide on who rules the roost.
And Pam’s garden has a lovely entrance with a gate created by her husband James.
This photo was taken before all the harsh and heavy summer rains. The boxed formal garden was just beginning to show signs of lush beauty. Pam reports that like the rest of us around here, her efforts were severely hampered by the deluge of summer storms.
But before the rains came, I hope Pam was able to harvest a big ole’ mess of okra!
Now come on, how can you not love okra?

Keeping patrol over the grounds is gallant Steele, led by his trusty
friend June, one of my favorite teenage girls.
As you can tell, the McMahon home is one of my favorite places to visit. And I can assure you the family members are just as lovely as their home!
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Click here to see their lovely old school house, transformed from the old telegraph office.

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