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January 9, 2015


Charm bracelet - Fairhope AL, Fairhope Supply Co. My Mother told me she wanted to give me her charm bracelet. THE charm bracelet that I’ve loved forever. As a little girl, I sat in church and played with it on her arm, careful not to make it jingle during the prayers. It’s also her favorite piece of jewelry, so of course my first thought was . . .


Howard College Charm, Fairhope Supply Co. are you feeling okay?

Yes, she was fine, but wanted me to enjoy it now instead of later.

My next twisted thought? Okay, what did they just give my brother? Haha! Who cares? I got the charm bracelet!


Bride charm - Fairhope AL, Fairhope Supply Co. Charms collected mainly from Mom’s college years at Howard College, now Samford University where my son is now a student, engagement and wedding charms as well as high school class rings from both of my parents.


Silver Charm bracelet - Fairhope Supply Co. Charm bracelets were popular everywhere in the 1950’s, but like a good monogram, Southern girls have firmly held on to the tradition since, and even in this modern age, we love to collect and display our memories on our dainty little wrists.

The bracelet above is my silver charm bracelet, with lots of charms, but not nearly as spectacular as my Mom’s gold beauty. It has charms for each state where I’ve lived, vacation sites, a violin for my son’s first instrument, and a first place ribbon for when I won the cookie competition at the Baldwin County Fair.


gold charm bracelet - Fairhope Supply Co. This is a gold bracelet I started a few years ago that includes baby shoes for both of my children and a train because my son used to love to play on the toy train in Marietta Square before we moved to Fairhope.

I’m thinking of being a wild woman and combining both my silver and gold charms together on one bracelet. I know people will talk, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


majorette charm braceletThis was my first little girl charm bracelet I wore in elementary school. I want to move the majorette over to my “big girl” silver bracelet. Always loved her sassy, confident attitude. There used to be a piano on there, but the leg kept getting snagged in my ribbons and lace when I’d flip upside down on the monkey bars, so now it’s tucked away in a shadow box.


Mexican charm braceletAnd this interesting bracelet belonged to my Mother’s Mother, who bought it when she lived in Mexico for a year. It desperately needs to be polished, and it appears a few of the items may be missing. All the charms are supposed to be related to tools used to make tortillas. Special tongs, bowls, boards . . . and then, there’s a pistol. Must have been a rough crowd to feed.


So now I have three generations of very different charm bracelets. I’m all set to jingle for a long time to come. – Thanks Mom. You’re charming!



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  1. Love the charms! I have two bracelets as well. One gold, one silver, but combining them sounds like a great idea. My favorite part of this post: “must have been a rough crowd to feed!” You crack me up!

  2. You brought back so many memories. I have two sitting in my jewelry box now. My mother’s and mine are there. I am off to go look at them and reminisce. I am so sentimental, so I loved this post.

  3. I love the bracelet! My mother gave me my grandmother’s charm bracelet after she passed away. I remember loving my Mommie’s bracelet even as a child. I wear it often and always receive complements on it.

    1. What a special thing to have from your Grandmother. I always notice and comment on other’s charm bracelets as well. There’s always a good story to go with them.

    1. Several years ago, my Mom thought she had lost this bracelet. We went into a panic and looked for months. I can’t remember where she finally found it, but it was a huge relief. So sorry you lost yours!

  4. I luved your post…I’ve always treasured my charm bracelet; still have mine too. You are soooo lucky to have 3 generations of bracelets!!!

    1. Maybe I’ll wear them all at once! I’d need an arm sling by the end of the day! Glad you still have yours and hope you get to wear it often.

  5. Sweet keepsakes! I love charm bracelets, and I have one my husband and son started for me when Alex was a toddler, but at the time where I worked I couldn’t wear bracelets so I made it into a charm necklace!! I’ll have to show you sometime. I think you should combine the gold and silver – go ahead, live dangerously! let the people talk! haha!


    1. My Mom has an attachment that I can use to convert this bracelet into a necklace. I’d love to see your bracelet sometime!

    1. I can’t wait to read about your bracelet. Such good stories and memories, yet everyone’s bracelet is different. Don’t forget to tell us the name of the book!

  6. This sure brought up sweet memories here too, especially the comment you made about sitting in church as a little girl and admiring, silently I’m sure, your mom’s braclet. I’ve worn braclets since I was a child, my favorite jewelery to wear even today. I love collecting charms for all occasions and now my braclets are very heavy! Your mom is thoughtful, she can enjoy watching you enjoying her charms………..

  7. Collecting the charms is an ongoing challenge! Finding new unique things that really mean something is fun.

  8. My friends gave me a charm bracelet for my 50th birthday. Everyone who was invited to the party was asked to bring, as their gift, a charm that told the tale of my friendship with them. Needless to say, this bracelet is one of my most prized possessions. I also have my mom’s charm bracelet which includes a toaster charm with toast that actually pops up! It just occurred to me that I have no idea what that toaster charm symbolizes! I’m texting my mom right now to ask!

    1. What a fabulous birthday gift idea! Please write a story about it so I can see it! What smart friends you have.

      As for the toast . . . ??? You never know.

  9. I have two! My year round one from childhood to now charms. And of course, my holiday one that comes out on October 1st and I wear through to New Years! For Christmas, one of my favorite gifts is my passport charm from hubby… we travel to Paris this fall!

    1. How exciting about your trip! You’ll have to collect new charms in Paris I think it’s cool you also have a special holiday version!

    1. I thought it was to encourage good manners at the table, but that’s because I often wish for the same type of enforcement at my table. “Put your napkin in your lap . . . or else!”

  10. I have my mother’s heart charms bracelet . When she was attending SMU, they all exchanged different kinds of silver hearts. Then she added to it along the way. When she gave it to me it was packed with hearts. I had it turned into a long necklace…..very different.

  11. Oh how special!!! I love that idea! I may just have to start my own….I don’t have girls but maybe a granddaughter some day…..:) Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful gift!!

    1. My sons always loved looking at my bracelet, especially since I included little symbols for them – train, bulldozer, musical instruments . . . Maybe their wives will like them someday because of that. Not ready to think about granddaughters just yet!

  12. i love charm bracelets! i’m sure i had one as a teenager but i have no idea what happened to it (must not have been very important to me at the time) but being the good Mimi that I am I’m anxious to start one for my granddaughter Taylor but I’ve been waiting on her little wrist to grow some…this might be the year I start one for her (she’s 10)…then I can do another one for her as she gets older.

    how wonderful that you have your mother’s charm bracelet as well as the ones you had growing up. they are so precious.

    1. What a lovely idea to start one for your granddaughter. She will think of you every time she wears it!

  13. What a lovely post! My mother gave me her pearls a couple of years ago and the same thoughts ran through my mind! I have loved having them and wear them all the time. You are making me want to go and dig my charm bracelet out of the drawer and wear it as well. I have the same September birthstone charm on mine! Have a great weekend!

  14. I just love charm bracelets. I have quite a few also, but none as vintage or with history as yours! I am thinking of starting one for my 10 year old granddaughter and give it to her at 16. Not sure that is something as special as it was when we were kids but I may do it anyways. Your post has inspired me!

  15. I really enjoyed looking at your charms. I collect “vintage” charms and a few have even made their way onto a bracelet. I will wear one at our next meeting of the Southern Jubilee Bloggers and we can compare charms!

  16. How special! So many charm bracelets with so many memories. I am so glad you got your mothers “gold beauty”, such a blessing she’ll receive watching you enjoy it now.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

    (I still can’t get your blog to update on my blog roll?! I’ve taken it off and added it back several time, and still doesn’t update. Oh well, maybe it will soon!)

  17. LOVE them all! I have one I started in the ’70s and never finished, a “newer style” grandmother’s bracelet, and a beach one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful bracelets from your family. How wonderful to have these treasures.

  18. I have my charm bracelet I started in early 1970. I do wear it once in a while in the warmer months.
    I have a gold one I started in the 1990’s and less charms of course.
    They are all so charming. I see an older lady wear one once in a while so I feel stylist when I wear mine.
    Such memories.
    I would love to have had a charm bracelet from my Mom or Grandmother

    1. For some reason, the older charms are easy to spot and look much more interesting to me. I’m glad you still have your bracelets.

  19. You sure do have a collection of charm bracelets! How crazy is it that I (a jewelry maker) don’t even have a single charm bracelet? I know I received charms for necklaces as a kid, maybe I should gather all those up and make my own bracelet. Ohhhh, thanks for the idea. The only charm jewelry I had (and actually still have) is one of those plastic 1980s ‘toy’ necklaces [like this one – http://www.pinterest.com/pin/360076932681532764/ ]
    Anywho. . . .I think I need to take a look in my jewelry boxes.
    Thank you for sharing and telling of your own treasures!

    1. Well, if anyone can whip up her own custom bracelet, it’s you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  20. I love reading stories about people’s memories. I have a charm bracelet that my grandmother passed along to me when I was in high school and had just made my first trip to Central America. The bracelet originally belonged to my Great-Aunt Maxine. She was a high school Spanish teacher and her charms came from all over the globe. I, also, have some of her slides showing class trips to Mexico and Spain. It is a lovely bracelet that I cherish.

    Side note: Since November, I have had trouble seeing new post on your blog. I have your link saved, however, when I click on the link it pulls up an old post vs most recent. I finally figured out that if I enter the year and month into the search bar I can pull up your list of post for the month and select one that way.

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