Cast Iron

July 25, 2013


individual cheesy pasta bake in cast iron skillet - Fairhope Supply Co.
I have several small 6″ skillets. This one holds an individual serving of baked pasta.
Everyone knows that when it comes to live oak trees, wine and cast iron; older is better.
I’ve rightfully come into several skillets of varying sizes, but the two I use most, sometimes three times a day, belonged to my Grandmothers. The large skillet is from the maternal side, and the medium is from the paternal clan.
cooking in cast iron - Fairhope Supply Co.
Both pans are seasoned to perfection. I use these heavy pans for everything from brown sugared bacon to red pepper stir- fry. A simple swish in the kitchen sink in–between uses keeps the flavors pure. The perfect purveyors of heat, every dish cooked in cast iron comes out even and tasty.
cake in a cast iron skillet - Fairhope Supply Co.
Here’s a cake I made in the large cast iron skillet.
My husband’s family never used cast iron cookware (bless his mama’s New York  heart), and the first month we were married, I caught him feverishly scrubbing one of my skillets with STEEL WOOL! He quickly learned the art of proper cast iron care, and also gained a new appreciation for the art of a proper hissy fit.
You do what you have to do for the sake of the family’s cast iron.
Anyway . . .
upside down cake, Fairhope Supply Co.
Another large skillet creation last Christmas, this time, Pineapple Upside Down Cake. 
Nothing melds that brown sugar and pineapple juice together better than heavy cast iron.
My boys love fried okra cooked in the cast iron, and I’m glad to cook it for them. And someday, I’ll be thrilled to pass my collection of cast iron to my future daughter-in-laws, as long as they use it to cook my sons some perfectly seasoned, hot and crispy okra.
Although . . . I’m just modern-enough of a belle to think maybe it’s time my sons learned to fry their own okra.
frying okra in a cast iron skillet - Fairhope Supply Co.
Especially if there’s a chance their future wives come from a non-cast iron kind of family.
Because God help us, then we’ll have bigger fish to fry.

This article recently appeared in it’s original version at Gulf Coast News Today. 

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