Candied Vidalia Onion Cheesecake

April 23, 2013


Vidalia Onions

After waiting all winter, the Vidalia Onions are finally here. Hallelujah, get the kids on the phone!  This is going to be good.

Vidalia Onion

Vidalia onions are only allowed to be called “Vidalias” if they are grown in the Vidalia region of Georgia. Kind of like any grape bubbly beverage crafted outside of the Champagne region in France has to be called Spumante, Prosecco, or anything else other than “Champagne.”

And Vidalias really are the Champagne of onions.

Sweet, mild, savory and oh- so- healthy, Vidalias are celebrated not only as Georgia’s official vegetable, but also with parades, festivals, and of course, staying true to our Southern Code of Conduct, a Vidalia Queen.

Vidalia Onion Queen
Kayla Ray, Miss Vidalia Onion 2012
What do Vidalia Onions and a tiara have in common?
They both bring a tear to my eye.

The Fairhope Piggly Wiggly had their first shipment of Vidalias front and center today, and the boxes were already running low when I found them.  Not to worry, they’ll have more.

Locally grown produce

Dinner featured this family favorite of roasted Vidalias as a side dish, with the onions placed on top of some beautiful organic Baldwin County grown lettuce from the Fairhope Health Food store.

Vidalia Onions

It’s simple – just peel and cut your onions, place them on foil lined baking sheet.  Put a tiny pat of butter on top of each onion section, sprinkle with salt and pepper. I used Rachel’s Rosemary flavored salt – which I will tell you more about soon. Roast in an oven until the onions become tender.  Top with a splash of Balsamic vinegar, then stick a fork in it – you are done!

If you want other Vidalia onion recipes, visit the Vidalia Onion Committee web site by clicking here.

Here’s one of their recipes I’ve made before and will make again soon. It is amazingly savory with a touch of sweetness, and yes, you MUST use Vidalias or it will turn out unfit to feed your dog.

I used a small appetizer sized springform pan and halved the recipe. Even though it is a “cake” I served it as an appetizer. I also used a whole onion. – Hey, why not?

Candied Vidalia Onion Cheesecake
from the Vidalia Onion Committee

Cake Ingredients
4 eight oz. cream cheese blocks, room temperature
1 c sugar
4 eggs, room temperature
1 T flour
1 T vanilla

Crust Ingredients
4 T butter, room temperature
2 sleeves Ritz crackers, finely crushed
Dash of cinnamon

Onion Instructions
1/2 Vidalia Onion, finely sliced
1 T butter
1 T brown sugar

To make:
Onions – Heat pan and melt butter.  Add onions and allow them to brown and then caramelize on medium heat, stirring often to avoid burning and uneven cooking. When done, add sugar and stir. Allow to cool in the pan.
Crust – Mix Ritz crackers and butter until thoroughly mixed. Toss with a dash of cinnamon and press mixture into a nine inch spring form pan.
Cheesecake – Mix cream cheese with a mixer until smooth. Add sugar and mix thoroughly. Continue mixing while adding eggs, one at a time. Add flour and vanilla until a uniform batter is formed.  Mix onions carefully into the batter, then carefully pour over crust.
Place springform pan in a water bath, and bake for bake for 55-60 minutes at 350° or until set in the middle.
Refrigerate to cool completely before removing from pan. Serve room temperature.

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