If only Buddy Ray had only known cursive

August 11, 2016


20879764-mmmainTara used her most carefully constructed cursive handwriting to express her sentiments of deep love and devotion to her beau, Buddy Ray O’Hara, but alas, the young lad didn’t know how to read cursive handwriting, so he thought it was another garbled note from his aging granny and tossed it in the garbage. Unaware of Tara’s deep love, Buddy Ray ran off the next day with the trashy next-door neighbor, Tiphanny Maree, just because she inherited her uncle’s 1956 Ford F100 pick up truck, which suddenly made Tiphanny Maree’s vast bohunkus inconsequential.

Poor Tara missed the chance for true love, not to mention the possibility of someday having the most awesome married name of “Tara O’Hara,” all because the educational system had failed to properly instruct the students in the fine art of cursive handwriting.

zaner-bloser-cursive-alphabet_322644Thanks to “Lexi’s Law,” Alabama students will now be sufficiently instructed in cursive by the end of third grade. Most other states have opted to adhere to the Common Core Curriculum guidelines that have all but kicked cursive to the curb.

With the (over) use of computers, today’s teachers have backed away from spending so much time teaching handwriting in general, and cursive specifically. Overloaded with pages and . . . click HERE to finish reading the story at al.com

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