June 22, 2016


broken in the move. - Leslie Anne Tarabella
Many broken things from boxes being mishandled.


I’ll go ahead and tell you that part of my sluggish blogging can be attributed to the fact that I’ve recently moved. Still in Fairhope, just a few miles to a different neighborhood. We’ve been waiting to find something a little larger because even though the boys are starting to leave home, they seem to come back and bring friends — really big friends, so it’s nice to have a guest room and a larger kitchen.


Anyway, I hate to move. And I rarely hate anything, you know, “everything’s an adventure — tra-la-la,” but I really do hate . . . hate . . . hate moving. And now, I’ve once again confirmed why I loath it.

Doug the dog hiding in the boxes.
Poor Doug has been scared out of his mind. He hid under the box that was labeled for his feelings at the moment.

The professional moving company we hired broke (almost) everything. The bedroom dresser mirror — shattered. The large bookcase — gouged. The gate leg antique table — top ripped off. Boxes marked “fragile” were delivered upside down and picture frames, dishes — broken. Silk lampshade  — ripped. Then, my husband quietly stood next to me and said, “I’m so sorry, but I broke the bed.” WHAT? We had just bought a new (old- but not quite antique) bed at an estate sale a few months before, anticipating the move. It was a large pencil post bed I’ve wanted for a long time and it took all day to go pick it up. We’d placed it in storage and when he went to get it . . . well, let’s just say it was beyond repair. I took a deep breath and stayed calm.

Then, the last straw, the movers came in with my grandmother’s antique china cabinet — minus one leg. Instead of carrying it, which was what I’ve been able to do with my dainty mother and another man, yet somehow three, young, strong, professional furniture movers couldn’t do . . . they decided to ROLL it – but it only has tiny antique wheels under the legs used for making slight adjustments once it’s in position, not for rolling it up a driveway!!!


I just about lost it. Well, I guess I did loose it. In a nice, calm-ish way. I went into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub and tried to cry, but I was too tired to cry. So I sat there in the middle of the boxes with dusty, dry eyes and just tried to breath.

jack powell
This is Jack Powell, owner of Gulf Coast Interiors and Upholstery bringing the repaired china cabinet back. He did an outstanding job and I think the cabinet is better than new!


In the midst of all of this, I wasn’t able to unpack much because the damaged furniture had to be sent out for repairs so I had no place to put things. You can see in the photo above that at least the china cabinet is back home. Also, I’m still working on a big writing project, so I sit every day and furiously write with piles of chaos around me.


china cabinet - Leslie Anne Tarabella.
Finally finished. Well, I just stuck those things on top for now, but at least I was able to finally get most of the dining room finished.


Okay. Now I’ve had my pity party and I feel better. I’m blessed with my new house and the very nice neighbors. I’m happy that Vacation Bible School is over, which fell in the middle of all of this. I’m blessed with my new writing project, and I’m blessed that the moving company is paying to repair all of the damages. Except for the bed of course. After sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few weeks, the new bed finally arrived and I’m happy to report that Lois Lane loves it.


Hope you are enjoying your summer too!


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