Boy Scouts are for boys

October 17, 2017


This story origianlly appeared in Advance Publication newspapers in 2017. The Boy Scouts of America are still pushing to add girls to their ranks.  If we follow the money, the legal problems of BSA have drained them of resources, and they are eyeing the budget of Girl Scouts. Combining forces seems like a woke move, when in fact, I think it's a desperate move to financially save their organization. 

2017 - My youngest son just completed his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America. He's a member of Troop 47, which is the oldest continuously operating troop in the state of Alabama. He, along with most other scouts feel the decision by the National Council to allow girls the option of joining Boy Scouts is ridiculous, and I agree.

Pinning the "Mentor" badge on his grandfather.

First of all, if girls can join Boy Scouts of America or BSA, can boys join Girl Scouts? Will you think it's a good idea when three 16 year old boys who shave twice a week want to camp with your daughters? After eating all the cookies while sitting around the campfire burping, scratching and talking about teenage boy things, the girls could really get an education. There would be new Girl Scout badges for "shock and awe" and "grossed out."

Any girl who wants to be an Eagle Scout is probably being pushed by her parents to make a statement of some sort, because to be a girl amongst a throng of silly, smelly boys may be fun for about thirty minutes, after a while, when the TV cameras are gone, a normal girl will recognize she's out of place. Being the belle of the ball and getting attention only makes you happy for a short time. Then, you have to carry your backpack for about five miles and find a place to tend to your personal needs without slowing down the entire troop.

Totally insulting to the Girl Scouts, what these families who are pushing for membership into the BSA, along with the BSA Executive Directors, are saying is, "Girls Scouts aren't good enough. Juliette Gordon Low was off her rocker thinking she could bring girls together to encourage, support and cheer each other on while teaching them about adventure and self-sufficiency. All those classes about breast cancer awareness, business development and computer programing for girls is a waste!"

The girls who want to join the BSA for a bigger challenge, should focus on restructuring Girl Scout programs to fit their needs. Girls can fix anything and make it even better than Boy Scouts if that's their goal. They also need to be smart enough to know there's a power play going on for control of their lucrative cookie money. Watch out girls, don't be fooled. Those Thin-Mints are your secret weapon of power.

American boys are surrounded by women all day. Most teachers are women, and the mothers at home are usually the ones dealing with the children. Boys need time with men. They need role models who will guide them into the world of becoming bold, adventurous, risk-takers, which is how they are wired from birth. There's no debate that the human nature of boys is different from girls and because of this fact, it's okay and necessary for boys to have time with their own tribe and for girls to do the same.

Knowing the spirited and fighting nature of our Troop, I'm surprised that Scouts from around the country haven't organized a coup and made a sneak attack on the BSA Executive Board where their tracking skills and knot tying expertise could be thrown into action and the tiniest Cub up to the largest Eagle could hold the conniving adults captive until they heard what the boys really and truly want, which is just to be left alone and allowed to be kids.

Finding a frog in their sleeping bag will be the smallest disruption girls will bring to the Boy Scouts. The largest disruption will sadly be the collapse of the entire program.

My Eagle Scout has learned valuable lessons in this civic minded, patriotic and yes, manly group, and I am proud beyond words of the hard work, organization and determination he has shown to achieve this rank. It's a shame his final lesson from Boy Scouts is that of adults using children to advance their own political, monetary and social agendas, instead of recognizing the truth that boys just need to be boys -- and girls don't need the help of boys to be awesome.

* When this story was first published in the Mobile, Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama Newsapapers by Alabama Media Group, there was a huge response. A few notes, from women,  tried to convince me young girls could do the same exact things young boys could do. But overwhelmingly, I received hearty approval from men in high ranking positions who had grown up being invovled in Boy Scouts. Military leaders and law enforcement officers, along with legal and political leaders in our state all agreed that Boy Scouts are for boys. It's too bad nothing was done to stop this injustice to our children. 

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