Boy Scouts are for boys

October 17, 2017


To most of my on-line readers who have commented anonymously at the newspaper’s site, and also sent me personal emails, I’m a genius and they love this. The others . . . not so much (and that’s putting it mildly).  I have heard from several high ranking military officials who have agreed that boys these days are lacking real men in their lives to help guide them. The reaction not just with my story, but across the nation has been fascinating. – As always, thanks for reading!

My youngest son just completed his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America. He’s a member of Troop 47, which is the oldest continuously operating troop in the state of Alabama. He, along with most other scouts feel the decision by the National Council to allow girls the option of joining Boy Scouts is ridiculous, and I agree.

First of all, if girls can join Boy Scouts of America or BSA, can boys join Girl Scouts? Will you think it’s a good idea when three 16 year old boys who shave twice a week want to camp with your daughters? After eating all the cookies while sitting around the campfire burping, scratching and talking about teenage boy things, the girls could really get an education. There would be new Girl Scout badges for “shock and awe” and “grossed out.”

Any girl who wants to be an Eagle Scout is probably being pushed by her parents to make a statement of some sort, because to be a girl amongst a throng of silly, smelly boys may be fun for about thirty minutes, after a while, when the TV cameras are gone, . . . click HERE to finish the story at – thanks for reading and sharing! 

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  1. Some of us are confused, very confused, especially the “Executives”, having identity crisis. Are we Boy Scouts of America or we not or are we Boy and Girl Scouts of America? Change your company sign. Make up your mind! BSA and GSA are NOT in competition with one another. It is NOT a battle of the sexes.

    Were the boys being excluded in the GSA discriminatory or vice versa girls excluded in BSA? NO and NO. They are single gender for many reasons from their physical transformation during their confusing puberty years to their peer bonding needs with their peers.

    Should girls play in the boys soccer/basketball/volleyball team or vice versa? Does that remedy the equality or prove our stupidity? Should women join the fraternities or men join the sororities? Are the exclusions discriminatory or with merits?

    BSA and GSA both have their own program emphasis and uniqueness. They are there to maximize their gender’s potential and personal development with no or minimum distractions. They are NOT any inferior or superior of the other.

    You can’t make a boy a better wife to join the girl scouts or a girl a better husband to join the boy scouts. Don’t drink that poison !!! BSA has venturing scouts and many females as rangers and staff, but not for the younger age. They perform well. If the BSA and GSA Executives see they have rooms for cooperation and improvement, they should talk to one another instead of strike out on their own. Right now, GSA don’t like “our” decision.

    We are in the age of Political Correctness (PC) to the extreme, we are losing our principles. We are obsessed with individualism and individual “right”, they should be obtained at the expense of others and/or other collective rights at all cost. I am not advocating exclusion for the sake of exclusion but jeopardizing the proven record and experiment with possibility future benefit of the unknown is FOOLISH. We are trying to solve a problem that does not exist or not ours. Many of the “Executives” at the local and national level said they don’t know if this is the greatest thing or curse to BSA or not, they said let’s see. Don’t experiment with our children !

    Just like any organization that make up of the populations, we have challenges. There is NO perfect organization. Only those NOT compromise, examine the missions, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome” will pass the test of time. If there are bad kids in your school and justify you not going to school, you are a fool hurting nobody but yourself.

    Like what I said to my own kids many times, my self esteem does NOT depend on others.

    The “Executives” make decisions all the times, the only differences between yours and theirs are their wrong decisions cost a lot more damage, morally and financially. The Executives/ decisions are NOT the reasons one should join or leave our organization. ONLY the grass root volunteers, parents and leaders at the local level are the true heroes that make everything works. They ALONE executes. We ARE the ONLY agents of change or NOT to change in this case. As of right now, the cost of the change is way too high compared to the benefit (if any). It is one thing to be inclusive, but don’t let that liberalism and PC eat your soul. The National Executives make this decision among many other poor decisions and then defer the final approval/ disapproval to the local charter organizations. That is called impotent and irresponsible to me. That is “what do you want me to do with this Jesus” to me.

    ONLY in America. The rest of the world are laughing at us. We are confused. BSA is not just BSA, we are part of the World of Scouting. Don’t embarrass ourselves, wake up please!

    I am who I am because I was a scout, a scouter in Hong Kong. I am a scout and always will be. I am 110% sure it would be different if I was not in scout or girls were in my troop, so as my two Eagle Scout sons.

  2. It is political correctness taken to an extreme. I was a Girl Scout, loved it and wouldn’t have been thrilled with a coed troop as a teen. There are plenty of other coed experiences. I say this as a woman who went to law school with a 10% female quota back in the ’70s and has fought for equal rights in the boardroom, the courtroom and in the practice of law. There is an appropriate time and place for everything.

  3. Once again I say, Bravo Leslie Anne, for saying what needs to be said. When we heard this ridiculous piece of news my husband and I just shook our heads in disbelief, where will this madness end? There are 2 sexes and they are different. Period. I thought it was bad enough when colleges went to coed dorms, and now the boy scouts??? The way our country is changing and dissolving history right before my eyes makes smoke come out of my ears regularly. Thank you so much for your voice of reason in this crazy world!

  4. Well said. I am sure you will get lots of comments on this one. I was sickened to hear about this. I loved being a Girl Scout and they have levels of achievement. I know I stayed in way past the cool stage. Instead of trying to ruin Boy Scouts…just revamp Girl Scouts to have some more outdoorsy badges. Oh my goodness…the world is going crazy.
    This all came out about three days after I had decided what I was going to dress up for in our preschool at church. We do non scary stuff. I was going to be a Girl Scout. I have a green skirt and white shirt. I was going to dig in the closet and find my sash, go buy me some knee highs. I was all set…then bam…
    Now I am trying to decide if I want to dish it to avoid any talk or wear my Girl Scout sash proudly. Argh!!!

  5. Leslie Anne, I couldn’t agree with everything you say more! For years we had a wonderful organization called the Jaycees. They provided wonderful services to the community. We also had another civic organization, the Jaycettes. Members were mostly wives of the jaycees and the two groups were separate and worked together at times to better the community. This worked for many years until younger women thought it would be a good idea to combine the two groups into one. Well, you can imagine! It didn’t take long until there were none! I don’t know why we can’t recognize it is ok to have groups for women and for men, or in this case, boys and girls! Thanks for your article.

    1. My Grandfather went into a depression when women invaded Kiwanis. Women can be awesome on their own! We don’t need to piggyback ALL THE TIME with men’s groups,especially when we are young, growing, changing, insecure girls. Sometimes it is great to join forces, other times, we are stronger with our own tribes. No one likes to hear that anymore.

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