Book review — The High Tide Club

May 31, 2018


*I told you MKA was coming to Fairhope, but now . . . about the book!

The High Tide Club

by Mary Kay Andrews

St. Martin’s Press

This may be the first Mary Kay Andrews summer beach book you have to wrestle away from your husband. That’s because The High Tide Club, published by St. Martin’s Press isn’t so female-chick-centric as it is just a good all-around story for anyone who wants to kick-back and relax with a great book.

Sure, there is a hint of romance, and an all-girls club that is known to skinny dip on occasion, but who says the men don’t want a good relationship story every now and then? To keep things balanced, The High Tide Club also incorporates a dose of eminent domain law, historical flashbacks, social issues from past generations and I won’t give away too much if I mention, there’s a juicy “who-done-it” storyline as well.

The High Tide Club is what a Nancy Drew book would be if the titian-haired sleuth were a modern day, sophisticated woman who lived on the wild Georgia coast.


Andrew’s story features surprises and twists with good folks making bad mistakes and shady people finding redemption. Who do you trust? Who do you believe? Just like real-life people you think you know from the PTA or the Piggly Wiggly — only to show up on the 6 o’clock news, you’ll be shocked and left to guess the motives and backgrounds of every character.

Last year, Mary Kay Andrews took a year off from her regular summer blockbuster novels to focus on her wildly popular, “The Beach House Cookbook,” a collection of year-round beach-themed recipes that can be served quickly in order to catch the last few minutes of the sunset. Those extra months of recipe development left the former investigative journalist’s mind open for extra time to contemplate her next fictional work. Loyal readers were rewarded with this captivating story that brings back a former character we last saw bolting from her wedding and hiding away in a tree house. “What happened to her?” Andrews recently teased at a book signing in Fairhope. “Everyone wanted to know where Brooke was and how she was doing, and if she was still up in that treehouse.”


Like a roller coaster, The High Tide Club goes faster and takes sharper turns towards the end of the story to leave you wide-eyed and makes you think, “let’s do it again!”  Instead of a predictable fizzle like other summer books, the conclusion of The High Tide Club screams across the finish line — so exciting that I couldn’t put it down and “over-did” (not burned, thank you very much) my dinner.

Whether you are enjoying an exotic vacation or stuck at the office during the hot summer months, The High Tide Club will charm you with fun characters who span several generations and feel like your long-lost friends — who are all having the time of their lives.


For more information on Mary Kay Andrews or any of her books, click HERE


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